Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sept 30th, 2011

no stories fit for publication today

except--- the news-- some pilot hit the wrong button causing a 747 to flip upside down.

not the kind of thing that makes me want to run off to the airport

or as one of our recipients would say "better pack a second set of underwear"

today schedule

tim is here-- overnight-- he has to learn to "speak dog" he has pistol in the guest house with him.

i did not have time to spend a lot of time with him--- i have seen the tv go on and off so i know he is alive.

probably a costco run-- quickly-- in prep for a delivery after 2:00 of 300 pounds of freight - this is the polymax walls of the nut house. it is a "tailgate delivery" meaning they expect me to get it off the truck.

if the tractor won't do it, it is all waterproof so i could slit the straps and slide off the individual sheets onto the ground.

truckers don't like to be held up-- so i better be ready--

most of the walls are painted-- paul did some -- i don't know the paint status-- if we went thru the 2 cans---- could be we have 2 sheets of t-111 that don't match the rest

we can put those on the "A" side

we also have a little saw action needed-- by greg??? heavy saw type---notching a couple beams that fit just too closely. we have a most pequilar saw that might be perfect--- it is also heavy but would work well.

and the floor--

home depot said to "apply" for donation of flooring and they just might..

they have done that before-- that is how we got the dryer- that we use only for slobbertowels-- (too expensive to run)

flooring would be about $1 a sq foot for generic vinyl which would work as long as we hide the edges from the puppy teeth.

i had an official commercial flooring guy here yesterday who used words like "underneath " "layers " and "thousand" -- so he is out.

n.b. the 2 litters have now had their puppy shot .

and gigi is not really "flagging" just moving her tail slightly

maybe she is prego?? blue pups if she is--- and all will look alike

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