Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 12, 2011

i think mark's lumps are better
problem is when you try 3 new possible cures at once you can  not be sure
 which of the  4   things it is-- new food, new antibiotic, new shampoo--- and i bet you forgot ole mommy nature--- who might have  got tired of making bumps on him.
 the nearly clean house in th e morning is wonderful--- but..
there has to be a but...
we have to get everyone shifted around because gigi--- who's pregnancy has not been determined by george---only by his chief competitor--Dr.Speculation.
gigi has to come to the house and settle 7-10 days before whelping-- and she is a high powered pistol packin momma-  and she is fat--- with droopy boobs.
due date --- thanksgiving + 2 or 3 days
female dog x dog  fights related to pregnancy fall into categories
    1.  i would really like to beat you around--- but i am soooooo fat--- i can just snarl.
    2. just get lost--i feel awful but still have  teeth.
    3. get out of ,my way i am having trouble keeping track
    4. do not look at my child that way
don't laugh
we ran into exactly that at wendy's hamberger stand
the line was long----counter people working hard at an impossible chore---
and a woman scooted in front of me and said......"  my SON did NOT get his drink"
i guess the  momma tendency is not  bound by species.. i honestly do not think a man would have phrased it that way-
more likely ----he would have told the kid to go thirsty
actually if it was her husband without the soda --- i doubt she would have phrased it  that way either.
there was a ring to that    " my son "  just like a mommy's snarl over a puppy.
i am told  i had the wrong web for the December sh#tting  i think i have it right here on this---
maria did you fix the web ????
we took tucker to libertry tree mall ( i.e.   a relatively deserted mall with straightaways.
he was delighted to pull me in my defective wheelchair with the wobbly front wheels..
after one run the full legnth- i sent megan off to look for marbles and could actually have him pull me without many disasters at all.
he seemed to  think it was great fun- i didn't have time to politely ring the bicycle bell to warn people of impending avalanche of dog and faulty wheelchair..  the security people on their segways were left in the dust !!
how could i forget to report that crimson has had blood spots in her stool--- it is an anal gland problem-- george said it should be infused with antiboitic-- i told him i did not infuse anal glands... exfusing was enough of a challange.  so he did that.
coming down th e homestretch with construction.
let me clarify something-
perfection is expensive
i am too old to be doing this in the first place
if there is a big hole and i stuff in a chunk of plywood with hinges  covering 99% of the hole... then that will be called a door.
draft?  don't forget this will have 4 dog  in-outs  with no door at all..
so what is 1/4 inch???
note from jade 
I appreciate all of the condolences. I miss Kate a lot but I'm okay. It's just very lonely.
she is due here nov 21st to meet with our collection of current dogs

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