Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 13, 2011

the following contains graphic information
reader discretion is  advised
horrors--- megan hath an illness  -
let us pray it is the 24 hour variety and she will be back on deck Monday.
i am told there is a "thing going round"----  2 exits- no waiting kind of thing.
in keeping with delectable breakfast conversation....
chaos might have something similar-
she got up this morning to tossed up great quantities-- of food..
 it was food-- undigested fluidized food. 
at 4am????  how come it was still in her tummy as food from last night's supper?  ALOT OF IT --- MORE THAN 8 5X7 INDEX CARDS WORTH
BLOCKAGE  comes to mind immediately- except she is sooooo happy especially to flirt with tucker
other possibility--- we should start keeping the dog food in the back hall
she can lift th e lids- and she is impossibly fat--
she drank water for a very long time
she bears watching--- she is weird today---happy weird but  worse than usual---
can anyone remember when she was in heat last????
to say gigi is big is an understatement-- if she was a person i would say twins in 20 minutes   type big.
we have to get her up here for a few walk thru's today 
i had no idea she was that big.
i don't go in the kennel that often with competent megan in command--
i had to go to the barn  last night.... alice came ( she had pistol before moving into an  apartment)
alice lost her bulldog pretty much to age--and alice needed company-
once you are used to a dog around-- not having one is not acceptBLE-
WE WEnt down to select her an overnight companion-- she took crimson... and as far as 11pm  was doing well... i am anxious to hear this morning's report.
i am always terrified  when a person has a bad problem with which the dog should help,  the dog then has some pequiliar disaster which just complicates things... shouldn't happen--- but does..
funny - no one ever comes to get company when a spouse leaves- proving once again dogs are more supportive...
Crimson did great on the way here.  Very relaxed.  Had her head on my arm the entire time.  So sweet, reminds me a lot of clara/pistol.  She is just checking things out around the apartment now.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for letting me take her for the night.  It makes things less lonely when you have a 90 lb. dog next to you!  
i have to be careful what i say now..... i am told a friend of gwen's ( daughter gwen)- is on the final stage to become a judge... and she gets this dd from gwen--
we have those 2 judge's outfits she is welcome to borrow.
 luckily she has a great sense of humor
now most of the funny stories i know about her, are not fit for publication.
darn.... what a pity..   there are some good ones.
going  to be a challenge--
 megan has lined up sub's-- luckily she has several volunteers well trained
In the morning you will have early sandy and k3 and her husband joe. And in the afternoon you will have Sunday sandy. She said she is going to come in earlier than she usually does.Alright well I'm going back to bed hopefully i can sleep a little bit to make this feeling go away.I'll keep you updated. 

i think we best get ready for gigi's pups  - which means a place to get the rest out of the house--- as in the  nuthouse
i hope we can do something about getting the floor down--
anybody got any ideas how to do this??  i don't think we can cope with 30 feet of floor at once   --- we may have to have one seam--- arrainged so pups can not chew on it-- ripping it up in 20 minutes or less.
the nut house is empty and swept-- all ready for floor ----it has   4 walls-- great roof--2 semi doors-- lots drafts, enabling us to use that hill as a run while i work there   because dogs  can now get in out of the cold  .  it is
"capable of being warmed with the bullet heater-- being careful it does not take all the oxygen out of the air-   got to get the stove operational
maybe a quick run to costco this morning--  we need a fire extinguisher..\
all i know about flooring is --- don't get a pebble under it...
greg said he could do the ceiling insulation--- not a floor dependent chore
there is a sit on milkcrate and screw walls job....a few minutes at a time type volunteer job--- and with heat--- the pups can be in there while screwing walls together. 
and a couple windows--- dogs like to stare at the house front door-- so we need windows  of lexan - one  from each "loft" bed on that side.
the cut and paste--
havent had a indy report in a while????
or a few others---
the sh#tting is up and running for December's puppy food- don't forget they have to eat over the holidays too !!!
clicking is working ( thanks maria)

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