Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 15, 2011

doggie updates
YOU WILL  all be delighted to hear ---no  complicated stool reports this morning
even weird bumps on mark are improving..  that fl;ea comb at least makes him look  better-- and in fact he seems to be.... 
 he needs to be re-socialized with his littermates- --- done by using his mommy's training method--- if he pushes his head up and over another pup's neck so he can bite- grab him by the scruff  and knock him to the floor--- count to 3 and turn your back on him and let him wonder why that happened.-- and it usually happens when you first put him in with the group..
he must not be left there where you can not hear a battle--- because if they all get together and flatten him- it could get nasty...
do not grab him by the neck andgive him al lecture no no no -- because all that teaches is to avoid being grabbed by the neck-
you really need to tap in to the "when i did  A  then B  happened"-- with no split second in between
that is the million dollar dog training lesson of the day.
that is also why you do not call pups - with cheese in your hand and then tell them to sit-- the "come" lesson gets lost..  if you want to train "sit"   the routine should be   "come" cheese then "sit" and cheese.
it goes into their head better  as "A"  then separate lesson  "B".  as they get older you can  modify that
i once had a dog which we used in movies that i  could yell at her 20 feet away  "sit"  and the dog would sit .... at which point i had to go to her and deliver the cheese---
i remember a comet commercial.... well--  no  ...not that exciting-
and now .... a size comment on gigi --WOW ---  with 2 weeks to go-  and THEY SAY ( you know that bunch ... "they"..)  the pups grow most in the last 2 weeks.
gigi os a "broad dog" anyway-- and the doggie doors are the 14" between the studs in the wall---  this is nearly a problem now
so better get the nut house occupieable and get her  up here before she gets stuck in a doggie door-
if she does set wedged.....--- remember one end of her has  teeth
i would volunteer to apply the vasoline/olive oil and   push--- let megan  pull.
greg and robbie got the insulation done.. 
 remember they are part of this "    BLUE CREW" of gigi breeders
earline is organizing a puppy call list-  remember the rules--- if you are on that list--- i call after the first pup is born--- and if that is at 2am  you are expected to appear.... 
 none of this "i would like to but not at 2am." routine.  
 this is  for the daffy dedicated  crew.
if i can get the floor--- at least some of the floor--- in place so i can cover it with the sheet metal i found in the barn--- i can get the stove operational just as the weather turns...  \
bob  and polly are Monday crew--- bob will be a big help-  it is not that he is a construction expert- but he is great at standing around thinking how something might work.... and when you are dealing with a structure that does not have  one right angle,  conceptualizing  without being hindered by preconceived  facts is the way to go.
one great thing---the floor home depot gave is has 4" squares in the pattern ..
i can count them  better than i can measure with  the tape and  those confusing little 1/8 and 1/16th lines. assuming i can even find a tape.
our scaffolding is working famously for laundry drying-- MAYBE we can get it off the fences---  we do have a dryer-- but with the volume it would be too expensive to run--- besides sunshine is more sterilizing??????
with the scaffolding and sunny day so much laundry got done- we barely have room to store the clean folded--- 
unless you have been here  i don't think you have any appreciation for the amount of laundry we do in that commercial wascomat.
the Sunday stew
patricia had a friend here - from france- who staggered around with  armloads of wet laundry  hoisting it skywards onto the scaffolding-   i think it was a first for her... but she was game.
by the time we finished 3 casserole dishes and some white chocolate lumps  all the laundry was dry and folded. 
the outdoor fire felt and smelled gooooood.
i do not understand this one...
OH MY LORD Pink is awsome.  So good.  Scratches at the door to go out.  Minds when called.  Playing with Bruin.  Slept with me all night without a peep.  Whent for a long walk a Gorden college this morning did very well.  Whole family in Love, Love might be a little strong for Bill.  See you on Monday, maybe  Priscilla
pink is the one who prefers to eat goose poop to coming when called.  i was all set for her to be a lot of problems
so much for being hindered by preconcieved facts.
if any have trouble getting to the December puppy food wall, it is because of  words like " preconceived cache"    off our web.
i think it works here.. let me know... we need to keep this going...
especially with gigi our "747 wide body model"

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