Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 16, 2011

this weather !!--
that is too mild a start for a daily doggie--- BUT ---  it meant that we could try and leave chaos pups in the deagle house overnight---lessening - by far-- the cleanup activity in the morning
maybe not 3 bags full.  
during the day they have been introduced to that deagle house and  attached annex and 1/4 acre hill--- into which have been dug BIGGGGGGGGGGG holes.
last night--- with gigi's  pending puppy production-- we fed them there and  left them out---   they would not settle---- with at least one barking too far away..   so before bud left he went and got chaos ( mom)  - they all gathered and settled in the 3 beds-- i checked up--- and they were all flat out.
maybe chaos should spend time with them-- it might straighten mark out--  he is a bit too quick to dominate-
i can not say agressive--- because i do not like that word with our dogs-- he just wants to be sure everybody else accepts him as boss.. he doesn't chew them up-- just a quick bite and walk around stiff legged.  holes have been poked in several-- but not a real chewing up..  no spurting blood and stitches
there is a distinction 
i appaerntly have one more  warm day to get the stove functioning- so we can finish the inside in the warmth of the wood fire.
i did put up a fire extinguisher by the door....   a big fire extinguisher.
with bob's help the floor is down-- not glued-- but down.  i told you it is sometimes best not to know exactly how "something is done"   we never had to cut off the post in the middle-- and did manage to lift the floor over it.
stove is under the chimney--- i will get that attached after a quick trip to a hardware store-
and the stainless steel sink is cleaned  and in place...  that will be the place to dump water buckets etc--- seein g as there will be no official running water---  maybe fill  one of those coolers with a spicket????  we have one somewhere.... it is orange...  go look----
 and hot water off the stove???
paul painted the rest of the t-111
and we are off and running.
megan is back on duty-  
  and was seen doning laps around the pond to put more muscle on tucker( she was in the golf cart)
puppies had a fairgrounds run
a lovely volunteer chore would be to clean up the 2 vans after we use them..
muddy paws  make for odd smelling carpet
and does anyone do windows???--- dane drool and nose smush decorates most of the glass
Just an update on Bobby,
  He has been very entertaining to say the least. He is having a crash coarse in service dog training,   I think he has been in.. and out of my car at least 30 times going here and there and everywhere in the last 3 days.
 The first day at work with me was a bit unsettling for him but he did very well! I do work inside the building to a Animal hospital so after the week he had with his surgery I can understand why he was not to happy to be there. But he was a trooper and to spite his shaking he willingly did whatever I asked him to do and was more than willing to greet all the dogs coming in for a grooming.
He kept his distance from the tub watching everyone else get a bath, unlike Tucker Crimson and Charlie who are practically in the tub with the other dogs while I wash them!! 
 We then ran lots of errands Costco, petstore, bank, school...ect which he did well but was extremly happy to see the exit door  and get back in the car. He did very well at the gym, was actually enjoying the sprints we were running, but quickly decided that was to much work and found a corner to lie down and just watched all the people run back and forth which he could not figure out why we would do that so he fell asleep!! When we got home he ran up my stairs and ran straight for his new bed ignoring the fact that there was a total stranger to him(the carpenter working in my house)  right next to his bed. He was so happy to be in it it didnt matter what was going on in the house!
He has been to a soccer and hockey game and has willingly put up with a very abnoxious 3 year old, and several strange people that just feel the need to get in his face and give him a big kiss!!!(why people do that to a very large dog that they do not know is mystery to me). But he is doing very well in spite of my (now his) busy schedule.
we will see you tues

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