Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov. 17, 2011

from bud and indy
Indy is doing well since her bought with bloat. She eats a bit more frequently, three times a day, with no medication. We recently to a trip up to Maine visiting an old friend of mine and dealt with some rather extreme crowds. She did great. Even received a few complements to that effect from a gentleman who raised golden for Guiding Eyes.
During some particularly difficult times getting around lately Indy has been right there. She almost seems to see the difference and is snapping into work mode on her own. 
She is a true partner. Thank you all ...

"thank you all"    these updates on  the dogs are a paycheck for all the volunteers who spend hours doing things that would never pass an OSHA  inspection.
as i am trying to weateherproof the nut house- i have not done too much with the dogs--- but megan and colleen have-- and we do discuss various things so i can sit around---  they both have remarkable instincts.- which is a delicate balance between  concepts  ----  "i know you have a natural instinct"   and "knock it off--- not a chance."-
 a mark of a good trainer is that the dogs understand what is expected- the mark of a super trainer is that they then happily do it.
colleen- reading bobby's actions- has noted he will not willingly go within 3 feet of her grooming tub--- or her kitchen sink..  i am not sure why that is- just one of those dane quirks.,, as opposed to most the other dogs of ours who are constantly hanging over the tub wanting to play with the water. he will willingly take a bath--- but 3 people have to lift him in-
that will give her a project to work on with him
re book reading
i am reading condileezza rice's book re her white house years  --i forgot the name--- something about honor---  aside from being a physically big heavy thing... it is- for me-- well written=-   i.e.  no impossibly long words-- just ones that remind me of a vocabulary i once knew before i considerably shortened  the legnth of my individual words .... to maybe 4 letters
fact--- from her book-
 because of  20% starvation --the north korean  population is 5" shorter than the south korean and one of the big concerns of the south is if they unite there will be an influx of mentally deficient short people.
keep those school lunch and  food stamps coming-- we have enough problems without that one.
another fact that i got out of jimmy carter's white house book was..
the president is expected to buy his/her  own "household" food except if it is a state dinner.
i wonder if they have a separate can of Pledge for the furnature in the   office  vs private quarters.
when congress runs out of idiot investigations - they can try that one.
so much for education.
molly comes here on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons--- when colleen is here also-  molly is experienced at feeding etc-- so colleen suggested she feed on those days so colleen can fool with the pups more.
sound good...
 molly - you are on....????
construction report
bud noticed we don't quite have the suggested space between the super stove chimneys ( 2")- and since we have 4 others on the property  probably the same- including the t-tent....i really didn't want to struggle with that heavy skill saw to make the  hole bigger-  BUT
fate... me and fate-- i have tried many different elect saws for years--- and they all have been too heavy making straight lines nearly impossible for me.-- then--- in home depot yesterday  a DREMMEL SAW.. $129---   cute little thing  says it would cut thru 3/4 " ply  -  that nut house is 1/2 "--- i really could have used that weeks ago.. ..  it also has a metal cutting blade-- for that chain link pipe--so thanks to bud's observation --- i had an excuse to buy it.
the metal cutting blade for the regular skill saw was $30
works well so far--
and ---- my good drill is stuck....  meaning i have  to go back to the "portable drill" .  ?portable??? for whom??? not me...-- the fool battery has to weigh 18 pounds ... well nearly. 
lesson of the drill?
   it is amazing the mental set back of that stuck drill...... it gives me a much better appreciation of the "drive" some of our applicants have.   i nearly quit and went to watching tv over one discouraging stuck drill.
it took a while for  me to get back to the attitude  .... "if a hammer doesn't work- get a bigger hammer."