Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 9, 2011

many dozens of daily doggers have sent their condolences to jade - and tho it can not approach the loss to jade, it is very difficult for all of us to get back on stride. 
we must concentrate on jades comment 
 I am just trying to focus on how much love and joy she added to my life in the two and a half years I have had with her. 
we must get back to work on this tribe of not yet  quite spectacular dogs
aka--- the pups
now that the coa van (aka "jitney")  has a new starter we can do some puppy runs today at the fairgrounds.
megan and karen had one of those marvelous moments when --- with the 2 litters of pups mixed together on puppy hill...megan  was able to call one litter out from the group..   by just having a different sound---
 puppy puppy puppy
and i forget what she uses for the other group...
boy is that interesting. .... definitely needs to be developed---
now for the back to basics DD
w/r/t   Bobby's scrotum --- because of internal problems---it became necessary to neuter Bobby-and george did that.
couple  days later the 2  golf ball size lumps that had been removed had become an obscene looking 2 baseballs... or cantelopes...   big....
  something--   blood--was dripping into the empty scrotum-- and it wasn't going down.   george's Sunday morning vet decided she'd let george deal with it Monday morning... and he did.
it was a spectacular bit of surgery--- it is amazing how far blood under pressure  can spurt .
Bobby is now fine--  and 5 pounds lighter--
colleen said she would like to  have him-- which would be fun for bobby-  she has a grooming business in lynn-- so he will go there with her- and be around here tues wed thurs afternoons--  when she feeds.
and we have his bloodlines around..
there is always the  question of am i missing something in the genetics of breeding these dogs... the master list of 99% of  our dogs hangs in the guest house  and includes health comments--- have a look
construction  of the nut house. aka carlene's nut house.-
the white polymax walls are nearly up-- not perfectly- but up with one nail waiting for a strong arm or two to straighten them out.
not being able- in the semi darkness--   to tell the difference between a 6  and an  8  raises heck with the measurements- but they are up.
plan is to leaf blow the floor and get the roll of flooring in there and  somehow unroll it  before it gets cold and brittle..
probably have to run the bullet heater in the door to keep it flexible. 
i then have another piece of flooring if needed.... to cover it until we stop dragging things around... like stoves and chain link.
Good morning Carlene
We are so happy for Gay and Hey!
I mentioned David just finished a round of infusion therapy. He's a little weak and queasy, but it passes. Any way, I wanted to share our experience at the clinic at Holy Family Hospital. They have adopted a new policy: "No service dogs in the actual infusion room, due to some patients having compromised immune systems".
So Bella and I were placed in a dark, cold corner between an elevator and a dead-end hall way. Bella is allowed to help David to his treatment chair, but once he is settled, the dog must leave. So David spends the next 1 1/2 to 2 hours alone. On the second and consecutive days, I drove David to Holy Family, leaving Bella at home. Lucky it is only seven minutes away. I got him settled and rushed home to a very confused dog. We have never left her home alone ever, not for any length of time. When his treatment was almost complete, Bella and I went back to pick him up. It makes David so happy. The nurses even said his BP spiked without Bella, then settle when she came to get him. A little side to the story is Bella's reaction to David after each of the five doses of Solumedrol. Bella stared David down after we came home. Intently examining his face, and slightly woofing, very low. The steroids make David's eyes dialate big time. He is very sensitive to light and sound. As he tried to rest, Bella would look deep into his face, then camp down at his side. As they rested together she was so sensitive to his every move, wince, sigh. She really cares about him. She really has his back. It's beautiful...
steroids---- i have a feeling dogs can sense a person on steroids-
it is too long a story--- but that is the 3rd steroid story i know of.
an fyi that i can not resist...
BEWARE----if any of you have accounts with the peoples bank  - once called danvers bank  once called beverly bank--
i have had many problems- among them -- duplicate postings to  several accounts.  
here's a simple example----I printed out--- from their web- the details of an  untouched     IRA account which gave me 
                   interest---  last year         83 cents
                                       year to date  $64.79
neither of which is anywhere near  correct.
this is just one demo--- so i sent it in to the state banking bunch---"i hope you are watching people's bank" letter----- and got back the response   they are not state regulated--- you have to deal with the federal group in houston texas.
so i did that----
it smacks of change the name- give everyone a big bonus- and start again...
but what do i know....
theresa and i have moved the our  accounts across the street-
i have never had such a huge bank balance--- and it is simply because i don't have any checks to pay the bills--- yet  ---  including masterson's $9500 to solve the puppy laundry water problem.  (molly.. tell jeff the checks are on order....?  that has to be a new excuse...)
new account means a whole bunch of new passwords--, security questions--, credit cards --account numbers-- and other things i just don't do well.
now to attack my file of login numbers/words
Thank you so much for raising such a spectacular dog and allowing her to light up my life.

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