Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 12th, 2011

george's party and mark's sh#tting video were a mutual success.

that thersa's restaurant 114 middleton is a good place to eat--well done on all scores--

i was a wreck for fear of a mechanical malfunction of the 2 video'd sh#tings--- but george had his big tv there--- and the discs worked well- everybody laughed appropriately .

at the last minute gwen ( blue dog gwen) went with me-- thank heavens- because after the party we loaded the ladders--- she backed out and started for rt 114--- and the coa van said-- "not bloody likely"-and died...-the engine light had come on.

well in my carreer i have rarely driven a car that did not have the engine light on constantly..., so i tried to drive it... and it said "you either" and quit again.

with luck it limped into a parking spot under a light and there we sat--every few minutes i tried to turn on the key and the temp gauge would shoot for the OVERHEATED and die.--

it was lying-- it had to be--- it had not run long enough to even warm up-so we sat in the cold-- and called home--

earlene sent out the troops (3 men) armed with great intentions - antifreeze and water

now--- so help me--- gwen can swear to this--

the 3 just laid their hands on the van

paul opened the door--- bud leaned against it---greg opened the hood-- i turned the key and it started and ran all the way home without a hiccup-- with greg driving.

i rode in the car---- i had no faith in that "laying on of the hands"

paul thought gwen and i were nuts-- and we did not have a thing to drink !!!

we will never hear the end of that one.


Sunday stew apparently functioned well . .... in the guest house. with 7 puppies and a few adults--


noel needs some tender loving training.. she is a bit too vocal in her disapproval of strangers--

i have to respect it only for a split second--- because bailey -yesterday reminded me she has the right to voice an opinion about 1 person in every 934 people that pat her. she does not approve of george-- even when i insisted with a rope--- she had this "don't cross me" look about her-- and was capable of snapping--- with blood.

she gave plenty of warning--- which is one reason everyone has to watch and read what their dog is thinking..

she took a cookie from george--- and he seemed "ah well ---see a treat will work every time" --- but the look on her face was "you don't buy me off for one lousy milk bone" and clanked her long toenails back into the tv room.


today-- Monday

polly/bob day

and i want to go over with megan the one on one puppy handling. time has come for them to realize "they are trying to get me to do something"

very much like patty duke as hellen keller in the movie miracle worker when helen realizes the the movements in her hand mean WATER

these pups are ( read--- should be) ready to learn

as opposed to "how can i teach these humans to feed me a cookie"

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