Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 13th, 2011

TOWER OF HOPE---LOUIS CALLED AND EMAILED THE DETAILS FOR SENDING GRANT REQUESTS IN DECEMBER--- SO I WILL CONCENTRATE ON THat today--- their support is critical for all these pups now in real training...


the nut house enables us to swap pups around mixing the litters and changing location-

both deagle house and nut house are respectably warm-- and kennel 9-10 is not quite respectably warm---but livable...and gives them a different view to be swapped around... also it gives megan a chance to leash walk them all one at a time as they go from pillar to post.


which reminds me--- the duct fan that moves air from 8 to 9 is making noise i.e. needs replacing--- and we have one to replace it---currently unused in the nuthouse...

and (here is a good one.... for all of you) those computers that you throw out--- have a wonderful little fan in them--- so before you pitch it out... unscrew the fan and cut the wires

they are very relaible and cost about $25 each-- every computer has one--- some dc -- some ac we can deal with either--- they move just enough air without causing a breeze...

next problem is i have a collection..... somewhere

so that can be today's scavenger hunt.


dog training...

charlie is lovely-- a little lively-- but lovely-- his main problem we are working on is speed.

in dog thinking... if you want to go from A to B ---you do not meander--- but do a simple "dog trot"

people are more suited to meandering -- so charlie needs to be reprogrammed - he can se no reason to go slowly.. he is learning. he does a great "one step" on the stairs... but needs a slower "first gear."


now about this "dog trot"

here we go--- and i bet geroge does not agree---but....

dogs should trot squarely--- with diagonal feet moving forward at the same time--'

some dogs "pace" --- a swinging motion with both legs on one side moving together ( not to be confused with a running gallop).

if we have a pup that paces--- and we have not had one in quite a while--- i remove it from the program because it is my belief that something is wrong somewhere-- and it makes a better pet than sturdy support dog.

for $5000 i am sure either george or tufts vet school could figure out why-- but it doesn't my exsperience "somethin's gonna give" sometime.

to demo exactly what i mean.... normally--- as you walk your left foot moves forward as your right hand swings forward-

just try that the other way with left foot and left hand moving forward

it doesn't feel right. and in dogs-- it is my belief that it predicts trouble down the line.... maybe not.. what do i know???


on the topic of george telling me i am nuts--- we can discuss hairy teeth-

this is a good one.

tooth picking--- as in tartar removal-- there is a new veternarian water jet that does a beautiful job for $700- however a screwdriver chips the stuff off the teeth too. ( that is how vets used to do teeth too)

megan and i cleaned teeth yesterday---

over years...i have had a pretty good look at teeth--

and i have discovered that my danes ( i have not checked elsewhere) my danes usually have at least one black hair coming out of their eye tooth. usually just one.... and i told george-- he dismissed it as too bizzare and said--WITH GREAT AUTHORITY- that hair was from licking/ grooming themselves and my immagination had gone wild--er..

i was not convinced and hung in there--- then one day i had bailey there-- and behold the one black hair on each of her canine teeth-- george gave me the "licking " theory----- and --- with delight i reminded him BAILEY IS WHITE.

so he looked-- and finally displayed the intellectual curiosity i expected of him.

so now he is as confused as i..

since many of our danes have a common genetic foundation of BMW and deagle from belgium--- could be it is specific to our danes

so would you all look into that and give me a report --

a gauze pad will discover that if you don't have a screwdriver.


both bud and paul are going to be away after christmas so i will be looking for drivers for tom --- hillary??? robbie??? anybody




I am overwhelmed with ridiculous statements about which to write????
starting with
Merry Chrismas-
bud rob mary and i did a jesus job last night..Mary was 1000% with all those little kids and tiny fingers she managed not to do a thing she devoured 1/2 a box of grannola bars---- so i had a lot of time to stand around and watch..
the fact that the budget cuts have eliminated many music programs in the schools means that nobody knows all the words to jingle bells let alone oh come oh come Emanuel-- the schools probably don't even have a christmas choral concert anymore because the security issue of keeping the schools open cost too much and would keep people from shopping for one night..
so nobody sings.
and very few are merry-----
i heard "go pat the donkey once --- we have to go."
i wondered where???
it is not un-american to skip the entire fiasco.
when gwen and janine were 5 and 7- they totally understood shopping in January they could get twice the presents because of the 50% off sales.
that lasted for a couple years- then we gave it up entirely
and just ate a bowl of whipped cream
it was a lot easier and cheaper.
i got the phone call from my daughter that every mother longs to get
"You were absolutely right"
"these %^$*&* kids need nothin --- want everything .... I quit"
scrooge? yup..
if i get a lump of coal in my stocking, i will thank santa for the heat it would produce.-all the rest is advertising.
i bet i am merrier than most who- thanks to christmas have credit cards overflowing.
i am bad....

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