Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 14th, 2011

we have a group of pups addicted to plastic... water bottles ( with tops removed) may have started something...

before i had the coffee made this morning they had eaten--- well parts are missing-- of the plastic storage box containing our financial files.

now --- how do you think the IRS will deal with " the dogs ate my records" ???

actually--- our accountant said he hoped we would do a home audit because the irs would never believe this place otherwise.

-----our accountant's name is Rob--- i never thought about it before--


i am very exited to announce the partitions in the nut house are no longer in the state of wiggle.... and are bolted up,, down... and sideways

i have not found any chain link hinges--- neither home depot or lowes have any-- not the huge gate hardware at $24 per... but the simple post and ring for maybe $6

our training mission today will have to be to a bigggg hardware storefor a few more pieces.. ?? seabrook home depot??

i forgot if i am supposed to shop at lowes --- or not shop there-- i forget the details of the news program.


speaking of infrastructure and preparing for the future-- we have some woodland creature ( squirrel rat or chipmunk) who has been working on an easy access to the area by the coffee pot for a week.. ----. problem is--- their engineering department did not take into account the counter is a 2" thick maple butcher block. ..... currently bently and opal are sitting staring at the cupboard with my collection of plastic jars which holds up the thick counter..

the noise from within is exactly like when they chew on our oak sofa's aka dog beds.

i wonder what they are thinking.. ? rural sprawl?

whatever is in there is very bold--- the dogs are now chewing on the door to the cupbard.... stay tuned...


charlie is doing wonderfully---

next problem is we need a photo of charlie and steve to submit to TOH who has sponsored the training of dogs for veterans and their families...

steve is 3 hours from here- ( also charlie is 3 hours from steve)


we do have some driving opportunities for the next couple weeks

paul is going somewhere for 10 days

bud gone a week

megan couple days

fortunately hillary is broke ( normal student condition)

and other students may be around--

we need one to take charlie to steve's and get a picture of them together.


i like broke students-- i built animal episodes on the stregnth of janine's broke classmates from BU. i could tell her i needed 4 fit helpers to chase pigs down storrow drive for some movie at 6am for $100 a day.. and 4 bleary eyed college kids would be standing on a corner waiting for me at 5:59 am.


antifreeze-- is a very bad word-- to a dog-- it tastes good and wrecks their kidneys - killing them. -- doesn't take much

tom's car haS A leak- and just buying a jug and filling it up is not an option--a partailly filled jug is really a terrible thing to have.. they can be tipped over.

there is such a thing as pet friendly antifreeze -- prestone lowtox or some such-

but instead of just adding it i decided why not actually fix the leak..

not a bad idea-- i have lived too long with the duct tape mentality that actually fixing something is a new concept.


now i will try and copy and paste 2 pictures of "our new puppies" from denmark.

"our new puppies" -aka new stud dog for 2013??? got to plan ahead.

and a merle girl to keep him company

girl one
boy one

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