Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 16th

charlie is going to spend a couple overnights with steve--jacky and husband are taking him out to plainsxxxxx---? pitsfield ---nearly albany.. megan packed his "overnight bag"

then vivian( wife of very tall greg from Sunday stews) will visit him on Monday and try and figure out how to get charlie--or charlie and steve--- back for more training./

somewhere in this book of directions ADI put out, i think i read that a certified serv dog must be a year old..

charlie looks a year old-- and he can pass all the public access tests..

so we will call him a service dog in training-

all the public access laws apply to" in training" also.

STEVE.....please try and stay off the front page of your newspaper til we get a few more hours in training both you and charlie


since he is young( the dog--- not steve)--- i have to remind steve to be careful about scolding him. danes are soooo sensative you can not raise the volume of "SCOLDING" that you would use trying to get a beagle's attention..

and cut that cardboard to fit in your rear jeans pocket with at least one plastic bag. it is flat--- you will not know it is there.

experience comes from bad experience--

it has happened to me only twice in all these years--- but last time in costco i simply moved my shopping cart to straddle the mess til i got organized--and when people saw me picking something up-- they figured i had dropped it.

welllll the third mess..

was more colorful-- paul and i were coming out of an elevator in the hospital with a young jasper-- he gagged once--- both paul and i grabbed our trusty emergency equipment in our back pockets - the second gag was productive-- but by that time paul had an open bag and i was at it with the 2 pieces of my cardboard--- i don't think the mess was on that floor for 5 seconds..

paul's cardboard made a second swipe and we were gone...

talk about professionals !!!


everybody gets to be an expert at something.

ADI's book of directions does not include emergency situations like sending off pistol with 2 days official training.


i have a nasty feeling today is the last hurrah for weather over 50 degrees

that number has something to do with the pvc cement--- so i better get that drain pipe glued today

isn't that fascinating???