Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 4, 2011

by all rumors mark and barbara have a bunch of food--- sounds good

and Mary's friend "AUNTIE" is said to have 3 deserts and 10 pounds of carrots

what more could we need????


for openers--- i think we should move the table eastward away from mary's nose-- at least once every Sunday she catches us not paying attention to her and she grabs the tablecloth as we all scream at her.

she waits for the diversion.. i can just hear her"here come those cute puppies--- and everyone will look at them so i can grab all the plasticware and get them to chase me to the barn."


i saw a tv show on pickpockets--- and all i could see was MARY's 4 steps.

1 wait for everything to look quiet and normal

2 create a diversion

3 grab the goods

4 run like hell.

happens every week

so much for comparative IQ's


kieth called... hudson had stopped jumping in his truck- in pain somehow---

now if i say that to 99% of dog owners---

they would say "dane hips are bad...--- dysplasia nothing you can do..."

luckily kieth did not go that road--

i don't know why he is better---

but a couple days on doxycycline

and a break in roughhousing with barney

and he is better... so it was either lyme or barney

or to be more correct-- could be neither but you certainly should not assume the statistically more probable of dysplastic hips.

i don't want to tempt fate--- but .....


danes have sooooo many bad reputations-

sometimes it is comical

i listened to some guy tell me they got a cute little dane pup--- "it was so sweet-- it would jump up and put his feet on my shoulders and lick my face--- but eventually we couldn't handle him--- danes get too strong"


i wonder what his kids are like????


often when people see me in costco-- they offer me their grandchildren to get trained as well as the dog i have with me..

i turn that down....


busy day

get mary dressed in her pack saddle and faux xmas gifts ( will take many carrots to get that done)

put the chicken sh#tting together YOU HAVE TIL 2:30 TO BUY A NUMBER

2:30 is when i get the numbers off the computer.... and add any that we have sold here--- then number the table. and apply the chickens at 3:00.


santa arrives 1-1:30 and leavces 3:00ish


tom has got off cycle-- he got up at 1:30 yesterday morning--- and went to bed at 4:00pm last night--

currently dressed and waiting for a ride to breakfast with nancy and george #2.


megan is due...

gigi is snoring

so i willl go try and get the kennel partitions up.

i need help tightening them--- but that can be done after they are standing.


maybe we can get some wood split today

bud has a sore hand--- so he has been promoted to the wood advisory committee

and as you glide smoothly over the ex- potholes in the driveway .... thank paul.