Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 6, 2011

steve has arrived and is in the guest house with charlie- charlie is delighted to have sofa privileges.

we can put some miles on him today

after my 9:00 dental apt--( steve said he doesn't wake up til after 9 anyway)

so that is the plan 11:00 maybe home depot and lunch???? without megan-- she distracts charlie... and i need plywood for the ceiling----. home depot will be a male friendly atmosphere without too many "got a saddle for that beast?"

i am not sure what our exact long range plan is--- i can not see charlie in steve's home til after they take down the christmas tree-- or whatever..

having steve here gives us a better line on exactly what charlie should do--- so the vague plan is for steve to return in january.


megan took a strange video of the details of a sh#tting to maybe use in george's staff holiday party-

it is totally possible to package that deal with video

maybe a slightly more involved one than we did --- but we were in a hurry.

the winning number??? she is sworn to secrecy and i forgot --perfect pair.


pistol is doing great--- and here is her magazine ad

short doggie---- i have fish to fry

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