Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 7 2011


is sooooo sweet and lovely--- and delighted to be in the house overnight as guard against whatever large woodland creature ate 1/2 a loaf of bread off the counter night before last.

in her cleverness she found that crunching a large quantity of plastic water bottles kept them at bay--- or more logically in the cellar--

and since she was awake she decided to figure out that yuppy puppy treat dispenser which rewards the dog for pushing the lever by dropping a few dry treats into a metal dish-- the rattle is like the coins in the one arm bandits in las vegas.

plus it is raining--- and no way can she be expected to get herself wet when she can get me to put whatever she deposits on the floor--- outside

and she is a walk'npooper

as gigi - clanking around with her long toenails tip toed around and around saying "what is this mess... and when are you going to clean it up?"

it was an active night.


while on the stool report---

this may prove to be fascinating....

fido does not feel well- when he doesn't --- his whole posture and demeaner lets you know.. plus his stool is not even normal for this crowd.. so megan collected a sample and ran it to george.

now here is the interesting part--- really....

amid the semi normal goo- there were many white lumps- which when pressed went "poof"--dry type poof--- according to megan-- like lumps of flour when you make gravy.

looked strange even to george

"strange" in veternary lingo usually means "expensive" but george said he could be kind on this one.

so off that went to idexx ---- a very efficient lab deal where there is an idexx box outside most vets offices--- samples picked up at suppertime-- the reports are in the email in the morning.. so i anxiously await the "poof" report.


i told my husband about investing in idexx years ago--i am not a stock market type--- but somewhere along the line i can not believe that could not be a good company.



charlie and steve-

doin' fine.. bud 2 and indy came here yesterday and wandered around with us-- which was very helpful.--- home depot then costco for lunch.

steve said he has not been as comfortable in a big store in years due to charlie's swivel head...-- and charlie stopped him from falling twice.

after months of trying to get dogs to stop with the swivel head routine--- turns out for these vets--- that is one of the most valuable "services". they let them know what is "around" .

these vets do not do "startle " well at all-- after a year of having someone jump out from behind a wall and shooting at them--- they have a significant problem with that concept

this sums up our training with a dog.

one vet --- who shall remain nameless-- said that when he comes here for training he brings a second set of underwear.

good idea.


today--steve said he could help me hold up the ceiling ply-- usually no problem to brace it up with a piece of strapping--- except these rafters are not exactly 16" centers.. like the wall studs--- creative carpentry---each one is a little different..

but the floor will drain !!!


an d we will go out with charlie to anyplace steve might think challanging

i don't know what could be worse than costco for lunch--- but we can travel

maybe walmart-- that is a whole new bizzare

i wish he could take charlie home now--- but with 5 kids and christmas i think he better wait til january.


tomorrow paul and tom will drive him back to wherever---o ut by albany

and he can return after the holidays ..adi says these dogs should be a year old before look at charlie you would never guess he is 8 months old.


and theresa will deposit the latest check from the December chicken bingo wall......$1400.

keep up the good work-- it is critical... i kid you not !!


i was hoping i would get the idexx report before sending this--- but maybe george slept late

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