Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 8, 2011

another short doggie


we have the bare minimum of the chicken pooing for geroge's staff party

hopefully mark can improve on it saturday but i will clear this with george today..


steve is still here --- pending weather for paul to drive him home. just got an email paul might want to drive that today it is 3.5 hours.

he is good with charlie --- so far i think it will work well.-- i hate to make any definite statements til they go down the driveway. plan is for him to come bck after jan 1st


jade and pistol--- i am not a facebooker--- but there is a great shot of her with pistol out there somewhere... biggggg dog


having molly feed when colleen is here is working well --- then colleen and megan get to spend more time with th e pups.


and time has come to work bailey and luna back in the house--no more special care for gigi---a group is fine as long as someone is here to referee

she doesn't go out in the rain either