Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 9, 2011

re : carlene's nuthouse...

i am at a point where i need help--i have already discussed chain link that is knuckle knuckle-- well--- this is not.... but... sitting on the floor in the nice warm nuthouse--- it can be made into knukle knuckle--- about 5 minutes per knuckle-

if it was not warm in there i would never get it done---

maybe if i can find a cd player to make it more cheerful it would go faster..

i have to admit i am getting tired of it.

there are enough kennel panels to mean i can have the house dogs to there as long as i am there to supervise--- but they need to get up off the floor pretty soon

so i want to start on the "lofts" but can't with all these knuckles that i have to do first..

and for diversion i sai d i would split wood 15 min a day--

not hard--- we have a splitter--- just different muscles-- and today bud will be here to pull the starter rope

i do not get along well with rope pulling gas engines..-- i HAVE A painful history of rope pulling nervous breakdowns.


i am delighted to report

no scooping poop in the house this morning...i have graduated the 5 "house dogs" to bedtime in the dog dorm--with access to the deck.

gigi t the laundry---

chaos was left in here attached to the sofa

she apparently has a bigger bladder.


while i am not the topic--- bobby---off and on loose stool--- which now that he is living a normal like-- colleen and i thought it could be the milk bones-- sh she is going to scientifically test that theory..

with so many here the concept of "who made that pile" and "what did you eat yesterday..". is just beyond our capabilities.

with her one dog existence she can properly study that.


yuppy puppy

the advertized method of getting the treat is pushing the lever with a paw... many of ours seem to learn to push it with their nose..

except opal--- uses her eye.

she has retrieved so many left over treats stuck in the chute by turning her head sideways-- and in the process she has hit the lever with her eye-- she now does that purposefully.


the driveway--

bless jeff masterson--- or maybe his dad jack.... he bounced in and out of our collection of potholes in the process of picking up his daughter molly that when he had some hot top left over he sent a crew here to take the bounce out of our driveway

paul had done a great job with lynnpac ( stone stuff) and then the masterswon crew arrived with a mammoth truck of leftovers- and a bobcat and roller to finish it properly. they even filled the holes connecting to the street

would you believe it !!!


we got 7 rabies shots and staples out of gigi i while the truck blocked the driveway

in the process paul and tom made a hasty exit with steve before that truck raised the body 25 feet in the air.-

it was a long drive-- but they all survived--- and charlie is looking round with that "what happened? ' look about him,


a low growl from chaos told opal she may not have one more 1/2 inch of that sofa..

and opal believed her.


jackie??? as in construction jackie--

are you around today to bend wires???


i have no cut and paste--- but there is a super picture of jade and pistol on her facebook--- i cn try and put it here--- but i am not going to try very hard

i have to go bend wires..

. after i check my spam folder--- it has gone weird lately