Friday, December 16, 2011

Nov 20, 2011

the yuppy puppy..( gumball machine with dog treats)

we need some volunteers to really concentrate on getting these pups to use it--- or we need to take it away.---.problem is the adults know-- and bentley knows and the rest of the pups stand around waiting for bently to spill some.

doesn;t seem right-- gigi doesn't know either..

we need some attention to that matter.


construction wise-- paul and earlene showed yesterday with a heavy duty pupe cutter and we whipped out the frames for the chain link-- and then ran out of pipe-- but with luck today we will get that done.

and the chimney has been fastened to the ceiling--- so we can try a bigger fire today

i have some coal somewhere here--- in a trash can..

need to experiment with that -- and the timeing--

and how long does a big chunk of a log last....? overnight??

this is certainly not a kennel like anyone elses kennel


looking forward to jade 's arrival tomorrow


So Carlene, you told me that Jim thought he couldn't have another dog but after two weeks he realized life without a dane is just no longer an acceptable lifestyle. I think that might be on your theories to test. The grief transitions into the feeling of not wanting to do it again which transitions into the feeling of having no option but to do it again.

I am flying up tomorrow night and cannot believe I will be alone

. Katie accompanied me on my last 3 dozen flights. A flight attendant can help me on a plane but not like she could. And everyone from the front desk to security to flight attendants knows her by name, the questions are always painful but it reminds me of how many people had their day made just by seeing her. I just appreciate everything everyone at SDP did to get Kate ready for working life, the love that you all gave her and the time you gave me with her. Thank you.



so now we have to put another together for her

i am always in fear of making some decision which would be detrimental to a "partnership"- but that is no reason not to try and get it right.... again.

per ADI rules anyone who has lost a dog has highest priority in getting another.

plus---- jade will be living about 10 miles away as she will be going to law school in andover...


besides with all her experience she is capable of dealing with another dane quirk-- they all have them

for example bobby--- perfect bobby-- continues his absolute fear of bathtubs and sinks--- other than that he is very level headed.


speaking of quirks-- i have a bunch of relatives arriving in the area-- from -texas----dc and colorado- organized by daughter gwen-

i don't know if anyone will be staying here-- they are not really into the dog project- but i probably should get the coa van cleaned up.

usually there is a group who want to chase the Myopia "Thanksgiving Hunt" it is a photo op big time...

Janine has ridden that for years --- has organized for a horse for one of my horse type nieces-

it is a spectacular out door event for thanksgiving morning--- - hounds--- and red coats etc...

being a "drag" hunt ( the route it takes is predetermined by someone riding earlier while dragging a very messy towel with a scent on it)

i don't know who told me it was annesette on the drag rag...

at any rate -for those who might want to go--- it probably will start 10:00 the back side of appleton farms the area of Cutter Rd and Highland street--- in ipswich

i will check the time and location with janine- but it is around there somewhere.. and it is possible to chase them as they go thru winthrops -- past turner hill and into bradley state park..

take great care if you have a dog with you--- that is a pack of hounds- a pack is a pack

interesting fyi-- the hounds are kenneled with a bunch of goats who's general actions are like a deer's -- except goats butt dogs--- so early -- as pups--they learn to stay clear of those kind and don't wander off the annesette chasing deer. is the theory


Hi, just touching base, I think anyone with a Service Dog can list off some defining moments with Their Dog that deepen the bond or reassure Them of that bond and strengthen Their relationship. I don't know it is hard to put into words. The other day I got a no worries message from Tess, We were in the checkout line of a department store, it was crowded and after so many people ohing and ahing over her and asking about her, plus it was almost time for my next dose of med's I was frazzled, crashing (med's had cut out and I was trying to hold it together and get out of the store). As we inched along in line Tess kept turning facing back and I wanting to get out of there, kept turning her back around. I kept telling her to behave and turn around, then it happened, I bent down a little and whispered Tess....before I could say anything else She raised her head and planted a kiss right on my face! Looking in her eyes I read, (sensed?) Calm down I've got it, I'm handling this. I smiled and said well thank you Tess! The clerk told me my total I paid, Tess swung around tucked in close to me (for extra support?) and We strolled out of the store. To some it doesn't seem like much, but if You have a Service Dog you'll know what I mean. (Magical Moments)

I'd like to thank You again for making it possible for this wonderful Dog to come into My life! Sincerely Al&Tess


that is reassuring to hear since we have a very long way to go with this bunch of pups,

every once in a while i look over this tribe and wonder what on earth i have got myself into--- and then one of the partnerships sends an email reminding me.

so on we go/

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