Friday, December 16, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

the biggest news today is jade is due here .

that is the biggest news unless..... gigi is very restless-- she has had 3 cookies and 2 bowls of food --- been on the deck--- and out front with yellow ----and is standing looking at me...

she is not due til ..Thursday -> Sunday

she is big.. and has a well developed mammaliary system-- i have not measured but for those of you interested in statistics--- i would say they are hanging 4.5 inches

i have not felt any kicking yet--- but she is soooooo thick.


Sunday Sandy reports that lindsay is doing well in the therapy department..SS is a nurse and takes her to work occasionally to the delight of the nursing home patients etc....


it was a fun Sunday stew-- the visual----

at one point 3 guys were struggling to loosen up an old ambulance gurney with hammers and a blow torch -- while greg 1 was wandering around with a trash can of coal on his shoulders --- greg 2 and a family with 3 kids were chasing pups up and down the hill- and someone else was struggling to get a chunk of hay out of mary's mouth..

(hay should not be pasted together in clumps--- that smacks of mold--- janine take note)


we had 2 new stewers--- a "clicker trainer" from newburyport and a volunteer from gorden college--- both arrived as megan was trying to corral dogs and get them fed.

which brings up----- people should not blather when megan is trying to think.

( blather = an old scottish word for conversations like "blue towels were on sale at Sear's last week" i.e. a piece of information of no use to anyone---- not to be confused with "the barn is on fire" type conversation)-


megan does a terriffic job- so let her-- and when she is working she needs to be able to think.--- the last thing she is supposed to do every day is a walk-around- where she stands in front of every dog and verifies water and heat. is her responsibility even when she is not the one feeding....
there are sooo many details-- it is not fair to burden her mind with "blue towels on sale at sears"
tell her all that when she is hanging around drinking soda--

re:clicker training --- if you have super timing- it can be a valid training device if you are teaching "tricks" -- i prefer to think we are educating dogs - not teaching tricks. --- also a clicker is one more thing for me to misplace---

i remember...( here we go) thumper-- who would pick up something i dropped-- no problem-

however--- i was giving a demo of how a dane could actually be trained to pick up something and hand it to you.

i dropped it -- he instantly picked it up

somebody said lets see that again

i dropped it again-- he looked at me and very slowly picked it up

the 3rd time i dropped it-- he smiled and said "forget that---- i am not a trick dog"


construction report

earlene and i worked on the chain link fences

paul screwed the chimney to the roof and we set 'er roaring.

it gets hot in there-- granted it was 60 degrees outside--- but it must have been 100 inside ( 40 degrees difference?? they can live with that.)

we need some thermometers-- and another little white box that turns a light on when the temp goes below 55 degrees.


earlene cleaned the windows of the van--- in prep for the onslaught of my relatives.
they do not live in the world of dane slobber on the windows.....
----- poor them.