Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov 26, 2011

daily doggie??? aka the drip and drool report
after 2 significant contractions--- just to keep everyone on their toes ---gigi is enjoying a wonderful night of snoring..
megan and greg have watch gigi and nightime tv
they are going to be some kind of tired today.
hopefully some of the regulars will come and take over the watch.
i think i finally felt some puppy movement--- i have been worried--- could be gigi is soooooo thick that any movement is muffled with her bulk.. i dunno
and from jade.....
Pistol was terrific.
We got our boarding passes, went through security and went to the gate accompanied by my mom. It was good for the worst case scenario but there was not even a minor hiccup.
On the plane I had her go in head first and then turn around as the eyes of the flight attendents will burn a hole in your back after a few attempts in reverse. Before I told her to lay down the pilot came out of the cockpit, saw her, said he had danes and knew how they were. He told the flight attendants to move me to a row where the armrests go up so she could lay on the seat. I know that is typically a no no but I wasn't going to tempt fate. She thoroughly enjoyed sitting up tall with her head way above the seats observing the boarding procedure and there were so many flashes going off so people would believe them I felt like I was traveling with Lindsey Lohan
anne--- denmark anne ---- has been dealing with a kennel in denmark who had pups on t'day- -- we need a new influx of genes so i asked her do the translating to try and buy a harl male. then because i don't like to ship one pup alone--- i asked if they had a merle female-
merles are not showable there either so are usually destroyed at birth-- as they were--- and maybe still are-- in the "normal" akc kennel.
big gamble--- but we need new bloodlines---and this is a highly regarded kennel in denmark... so we gamble
here are the two we are haggling for---- just born ---
i think this would be considered color similar to PI i.e. not an akc PREFERED color--- but not as bad as merle
i like white on merles

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