Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov 28, 2011

gigi--- is becoming more and more uncomfortable---greg stayed overnight with her--- and from the balcony i could see she had nested ( i.e. rearrainged the bedding )

in all 4 couches-- we are going to loose another futon wherever she decides to have them...

we have counted to 63 many times -- i even got the calender out and numbered the squares--- and Sunday was #63 from her first cover...-- but there were 4 days--- and thanks to our microscope--- we found that sperm live a day or two after the cover.

so with one foot firmly planted in midair.....we watch...

greg has gone home--- i am now on duty til some other volunteers arrive..


opal--- not feeling well--- i have a feelling she ate too many pine needles or some such-- with their first day in the nut house.

she is drinking a lot of water--- but throwing it up too..

megan took her home--- and reports nothing staying down yet-- we may need to go see george.

w also learned that the bedding should be on the uphill side of the nuthouse-------


greg pounded in a few posts and we got a temp fence up

temp... HA ! --- probably 2 -3 years temporary...


PAUL AND BUD TACKLED THE LIGHTING IN THE SAND AREA--WHICH INVOLVED MAny long ladders--- which are now empoyed as laundry driers...


i have already participated in cyber monday--- or whatever this is called... i ordered 2 hav-a-hart traps--- as something large is chewing on the flooring-

we live in the woods--- so it could be almost anything--

we have several OWL SNACKS ( mice) to be delivered to george for his rehabilitating owl project.

jessica declared herself "the frozen rodent delivery company"
be careful with little plastic bags in our freezers--

if we catch anything in the hav a hart--- then he could serve a proper OWL DINNER.

it is critical that we do not use any chemical rat killer--- consequently we have healthy rats in the barn--- i don't really mind those as long as we are not over run -- maybe that great horned owl that was in the arena is a help. rats are why we had such great owl pictures from the visitor in the arena last week.

with effort we can make a positive out of almost anything....

but i do not want any of those in the house.

i have seen no tell tale evidence of rats (fyi rat do do is large brown rice--- more like brown orzo) --- but the chewing was not mice....

and snap traps for rats could be complicated with pups around

spilled dog food is an invitation..

we need to remove the invatation...

(?why do i equate spilled dog food to well paying jobs in texas?)


project of the day is to try and send money to denmark for 2 pups.

??? via paypal???

i may try and send $20 test---.

anne is helping with that one..


and it is a brooksby village day for polly and bailey


the rest of us sit around staring at gigi's belly