Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 17, 2011

the jade update

We are doing great, no need to worry! We went today and did a couple of test walks across the stage where we did well and she was not at all bothered by the applause of a couple hundred at a graduation event tonight. The ceremony is at 10am, I will call you after to let you know how it went. We will be back in a few days so we can go on Costco run or something with you towards the end of the week if that would make you more comfortable. But I assure you, we are doing far better than I expected we would be at this point!



and the charlie report

jackie reported he landed at steve's very successfully- and all seemed fine.

i hope i hear more today

i forgot to remind steve our paychecks are the emails i can cut and paste...


hillary will be covering megan from now to Wednesday -- ( i love those college kids with their paucity of funds) they job swapped..


this will be a short doggie because it is mary's day to be with santa in Malden-- theresa takes her every year...

should be fine--- but because there is some confusion about the reg of our horse trailer---- janine has borrowed one for us to use..

sounds so simple--- except--- mary barely tolorates our "open" stock trailer where she can turn around and step out.

donkeys in general do not back up well--- they want to see where their feet are going

even that does not sound like a monumental problem--- except

a normal horse trailer has 2 stalls and the horse backs out.

there is great possibility for murphy's law to set in-- so i will be going with theresa.


i remember a show horse who would not back out and we would to put her collar on and tie it to a tree and pull the trailer slow,y out from under her- once she touched the ground she would back very quickly...

i was only the 12 year old groom'n gofer -- but the owner showed her in the old madison square garden -and i remember an episode of flying backwards across-- was it 7th avenue???


mary will get out--- somehow--- and get in--- and out and in again ( she has a jesus job around suppertime at some church in manchester)

bud is helping theresa

and paul has offered to come along with tom

i am taking dogs and plan to sit in a nice worm place somewhere

so i will be gone and hillary will be running the show around here...

nerve wracking day--- starting with jade's graduation..

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