Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 21, 2011

how can i do a daily doggie with photo's from jade still appearing...

here is the youtube it is much clearer
what a feat--- well actually-- what 4 feet.--- jade said the halt was due to her tripping and pistol caught her.
it scared one of the robed celebrities who started to follow Jade down the ramp and finally said " gal- you are doing great on your own"
Pistol/Bristol has gone from ROCK EATER to SUPERSTAR.
remember how we worried about her gut and the 3/4 " stones produced in her poo.
jade said she might be around Monday or Tuesday as she is settling in-- i think she means in Andover--- but i am not sure. she is due to go to law school there in january
jade--- we are here 365 days--- christmas is much like all the others--
janine has offered to cook some kind of meal so we will not starve--- hopefully.
janine's cooking is notoriously random..
for that matter janine is notoriously random...
which includes spectacularly good
earlene-- paul-- and bud are away on holiday for 10 days- all 3 gone at once.... this will be rough without them--- all 3 of them do a huge job picking up details-
for instance---paul empties the trash-- so i can see it 10 days from now kitchen will be knee deep in cereal boxes and plastic bottles..
plus chaos will not understand where they have gone--- maybe they should do the old trick of leaving a jacket here for her to sleep on...
Mark has done a super job of producing an envelope of critical dog pictures
jade has one on theresas desk now of pistol - and there is one envelope there for heydawg.
V2 wrote a great letter to include in the TOH mailing.... which should go out today???
steve is here with charlie-- and the interaction between them is fine...-- charlie hangs around him -- sniffing the environment --- not always in hiss lap-- which is good--

he willingly sticks his head in the harness and collar-- another sign that all is well..

and the walking is casual--- maybe a little fast still-- after all a dog's purpose in walking is to get somewhere and there is no reason to go slowly..

steven has some problem with rushing into a crowd of people---- so either charlie will learn to go slower--- or steven will get over the worry- either way it will work.

bud2 says he enjoys having indy move everyone out of his way--- and she is black--charlie will be better -

only because he is a harlequin--"louder than a christmas necktie"


colleen said she took olive home instead of crimson..

i am not too sure how that could happen-- i didn't think olive was here--- and can not figure out just who colleen has with her.

i could walk to the barn and find out-- but that is like some of the medical test expenses--- what difference would it be one way or another..

(tom just had a finger xrayed--- not broken-- just splinted---so the logic is--- if it was broken it would not have been splinted? medicare paid the bill).

i prob ably shouldn't go there--- but it is similar to the snowplows running about in one inch of snow--- just to keep them in business for so they are there when we have 2 feet of snow..

so.....who colleen has taken at home with her is no cause for action on my part --- whoever she has will get the best of care and training and eventually i will know which---.



the late morning trip really should be to costco-- with steve and charlie

we are just about out of coffee cups

now that is a disaster.


oh.... a PS.---- opal is pine cone dismailer-- so that was what was blocking her gut a couple weeks ago- to discourage that i have bought a bunch of beef "marrow" bones--- on which they love to chew and freezing them means slower chewing

sounds like a perfect solution--- except--- the marrow causes spectacular poo's

so get ready-- and eventually we should collect them before they bury them/dig them up/ and shatter them

also not to be given to dogs going out in public.... right...