Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 23, 2011

if you can't lick 'em join 'em.

time to think "out of the box"..... literally

i had a nice quiet sleep--- i put the box of dog bones outside-- over the front door ... but then i realized-- that was wrong-- --

-Having already proven herself as superior in the creative department

...Mrs Giselle P. Rat---in her search-- would then find something far less convenient than a few dog bones-- so i broke 4 in half and put the 8 pieces in the middle of the floor to save her from rattling around in the cardboard box.. and this morning- they are all gone --- and i never heard a thing.


next problem for out of the box.... in the training department---

bailey-- wandering loose would never go bite anyone--- and has been patted by thousands of all ages and types-

i am positive if i forced her to stand still while george looked in some orifice or another-- she would bite him... a blood type bite- serious

i know some things--- and i know that.

---- just because she once took a cookie from him does not prove a thing. the look she gave him was not a nice thank you-- but rather 'don't you move or i will bite-- cookie or not.'

out of the thousands of people--- for some reason- she does not care to be touched by george. and i darn well better take her word for that.


Tiffany-- bailey's great great..great grandmother- 9 years of things like working the crowd loose at the topsfield fair's 1/2 million people-- there was one 10 year old kid at the pru tower she growled at and backed away from. and went back to working the crowd----

next year out of the thousands----- same kid--- same response


i tell this because bernard took manny to the vet and apparently manny did not want his temp taken- which started the struggle which ended up with the vet getting bitten-- bernard on the floor wrestling manny trying to hold him down. the fact that it was a no blood type bite indicates to me manny knew better but no one was listening to him).

i am sure this will cause some discussion with george and i --- but--how much simpler is a bit of chemical " just a drop of ?ace"-- one for the dog -- one for the owner- one for the vet and everyone relaxes...

bailey is not aggressive--- but she would bite george-- and maybe others i don't even know about--- but left to her own -- she just avoids confrontation.. confront her and you would have your hands full of 130 pounds of muscle.. and then she would be mad at me.


study the extremes of the bell curve if you need to do something to a 2000 pound horse that seems nervous--- you pay attention-- if it is 4 pound yorkie you pick it up and slap a muzzle on it and proceed.

ultimately the horse gets no worse--- but the yorkie starts biting everyone in question. "small dogs are yappy biters" right... i have been bitten by many--- "man handling" could make any one nervous.

i remember connie the corgi a dog i borrowed constantly and did many commercials with her- beautifully trained--explain what you need and she willingly did some amazing things--- pick her up and "man handle" her into place and she bit right thru my thumb.... clearly my fault.. i learned.

that is opinionated--- not aggressive.

think Mary and her argument with janine...--- she would kick or bite if crossed --- she will chase Janine-- and tip over janine's wheelbarrow

no one else has a problem with he....there is a lesson there..

lesson is when handling any animal bigger than a gerbil watch for the animal's reaction before proceeding.


however i have suggested bernard come for an overnight and lets have a look at manny and see if we can figure out what he is thinking.


Jade and the usual crew went to costco--- that was 5 dogs--- and it was like old home week... we met up with anne--- molly's grandmother and hillary's father.. as we huddled behind the cheescake sampling table---

when we broke up and started for the exit.. jade took bristol's harness and said GO - i think she rounded the corner by the freezer on one wheel as bristol happily dashed off.


i can not tell you who gave us 80 pounds of beef scraps because i am not totally sure it is legal--- but it will be a huge help-- frozen in 10 pound lumps-- plan is to start the wood fire in the kitchen-- put that huge stew pot on in the morning-- with a bunch of rice and anything else logical--- and use it for the supper meal. he saud they constantly had plenty of it..

almost as good as a pallet of cans-- maybe better.


george said he could spay pistol this morning so she is NPO and due here in about a 1/2 hour.

i forgot to ask paul or megan to be a few minutes early..

jade can sit with pistol while she wakes up.. and then come back here for intensive care--- she should be ready to go home with jade by suppertime

in the meantime she will have the floor in front of the heater.

and theresa will be here along with hillary and ?karen? and anyone else ?irene?

whatever--- keep the coffee pot going.

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