Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 24, 2011

Pistol/bristol is now spayed and tucked--jade baby sat her for the surgery and recovery-- then moved her to our "intensive care" area in front of our coffee pot

pistol stayed here only because i was concerned with getting into and out of jades car... so jade went home without her--( home is now andover) and will pick her up this morning.

she is ready

--all systems are working fluids in and out solids in and out tail wags

she should be kept quiet--- but jade can deal with that.


hillary is due here again today-- doing a great job-- i think molly is due here too

rob is ok but had an accident with his car so is without wheels..

everybody has one i guess.. probably a good lesson in murphy's law--

i remember----janine slid our yellow VW bug into the back tire of a school bus where it got stuck - it looked like a foal nursing off the mare.

maybe you had to be there.


this bunch of pups in the deagle house want to talk--- they LOOK -- so when pistol leaves and tom sits in the tv room-- i may try and get them to the nut house for a change of sceneery--- while i poke around there.


there are a few plans for people here tomorrow--- all available would be wonderful--- and get these pups into the guest house with people--- and ... around--- for variety.

for those who need a tv for whatever football games are on... we have one in each house--- so patting and watching would be helpful

would that be the same as walking and chewing gum?


i need to get the wood fires going and start some of that beef boiling with rice..

this could work really well

lots of things work well if the system gets designed and executed properly.

we try.