Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 25, 2011

this roast beef deal is best thing since sliced bread

i gurgled a 10 pound frozen lump in the iron pot on the wood stove in the nut house-- smelled WONDERFUL all day-- better than fabreee big time

what worries me is that there is some law about donating it to us.. we need legal advice quickly by our various legal heads--- you know board of health type stuff....

one option is for us to buy it from them $1 boxful--- might put it in a different category for which there are no laws yet (i love those)

another is to spray it with green veg coloring by way of marking it not for human consumption

it is such a wonderful deal--- i can't believe it won't have some regulation forbidding it.

hillary fed it out last night--- i do not yet have the poo report--- but they have been slowly getting beef with that pallet of cans


another heads up--- i have been giving marrow bones to th e house dogs--- they can cause amazing poo ...

not to be given to dogs in training !!!!


now about these people who are coming to learn about danes.. on wednesday...
let me rephrase that --- i am going to try and help them unlearn all the pat- handy dandy rules of dog training that they have read about.
i heard rumors of them wanting to temperament test the pups. this is some weird thing where- among other things you roll the pup onto it's back and see how long it struggles--- --- we don't do that---we let their moms-- but we don't. i think it might be appropriate to set them in the guest house and put all the pups in with them--- and --- hopefully not have the worlds biggest dog fight.
so now i am having to figure out just what we do- and breaking it down into digestable lumps-
the biggest is -- i think----- we do not use our muscles to control them( if at all possible)
i have often said--- you should be able to carry a tray of 4 cups of coffee in the same hand that has the dog's leash- and not spill anything.-
and now that i have said that--- i better go try it --- BAILEY HERE I COME
THUMPER WAS PERFECT And bailey can be--- but i better sharpen her up before anyone asks me to demo that.
typical case--- getting into and out of the van--
newcomers repeat the word wait-- then they put their hand on the dog's chest and hold them back
.--- no--- tell them to wait and if they step forward a little surprise snap on their nose and say wait.... and they say "oh .... i forgot"
the surprise is the thing--dogs do not like surprises. there is a whole bunch of dog training in that one maneuver.. quick snap.
like raising your sandwhich higher and higher while telling them not to touch leave the sandwich on your lap and tell them you mean it by making a quick movement toward them in a threatening manner- that is what their moms would do.
and then the loose leash-- a very quick snap into place and then release the leash-- and they learn to stand quietly-- EVEN THE OCASSIONAL PIT BULL CAN LEARN THAT-
THAT CHAIN COLLar is a tool--- not a control device.. the real choke collars are those leather "normal" collars where the dogs never learn not to pull so the gag themselves constantly trying to pull their owners around.
advertising would have you believe the chain hurts their windpipe and a gentle leader is better..
i have used the chain collars for years and not collapsed one windpipe--- and i have witnessed the anger ,frustration and misery of that gentle leader- i guess that is why some trainers roll pups on their backs-- to see if they will submit to a gentle leader -- instead of simply training them.
advertising....??? see my tirade on christmas.
why do we make such a big deal of this christmas "giving" --
"i had to buy something for the children"
my kids are not that fussy ---- they would like gifts any time of the year--
what is the matter with any old random date like July 19-- i had a friend in Scotland who celebrated the 19th of every month.
kind of spread it out- far more enjoyable.
?scrooge??? yes--- i am.. but how many times have i heard "i will be glad when this holiday is over."
like banging your head on the wall-- feels better when you stop-- so i stopped.
why do we make such a deal? religion went out the window long ago-
i did not hear handel's messiah once this year
but someone sent me the silent version---
itoday----i am told we have some people on schedule for kennel feeding--- i hope so---
and paul and earlene are coming--- she with food--- so we expect the normal Sunday stew activity

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