Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 27, 2011

not much inspiration this morning.

full day yesterday and today trying to get together how to train a dane for these people arriving tomorrow.

we produce nearly perfect service dogs- with fantastic reliability ( so far---- i hate tempting fate)

but to get it down to " how to" is a challenge

there are not many " do this and that will happen"

but a whale of a lot of "DONT DO's"

it will be fun

megan better check the guest house today.. it had a rough Sunday stew because it was cold out and we made it into a "party kennel"


i assume bristol is doing well--- megan and i recalled the costco visit where jade gave pistol the word to "go" and she ran off carreening around the 90 degree corner on one wheel narrowly missing a head on colllission with the ice cream freezer...

goes to show danes are not for the meek. -----at least pistol is not ....


which brings up kieth and hattie--- have a grand life with hudson and barney . were here yesterday on vacation from atlanta---

barney baby sits hudson on the very unusual situation when kieth has to leave him home--- and hudson is dealing with slippery floors in his own amusing way--- sometimes backing out of a situation--- or turning circles a time or two to figure it out.


in their similarities...... they are all different in their effort to understand the humans with whom they live.


like they are all timid---the BIG problem is the entire dog world is taught the word timid goes with bite--- as in timid/fear biting.

i think without exception - our danes it is "fear--- mommy mommy mommy" as they run to lean on your leg for reassurance.

i would not tolorate -for one second - a dog who is scared and runs forward- that is the fear/bite/aggression.


if you back a scared dog who is grumbling/ growling into a corner and get bitten-- that is a perfectly understandable reaction and serves you right.

just leave the dog alone and no problem

and then there is chaos who thinks it is fun to chase janine

people are here---

i must away

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