Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 29, 2011

short doggie...

we have a repetative barker driving me nuts and i have to go see who that is.

jen and chuck have arrived and it is trial by fire - as they are inundated with black and white pups

got to hand it to jen-- she bravely bashes on " the one with the small white patch on the nose is who?"

i am suggesting if she can not decide between 2 dogs, i would prefer they take the black ones just because i can not remember who they are..

and --- jen has a background is animal training-- like marine ones--- and is not stuck on all the "roll them on their back" concepts of the dog training books.

i have a feeling this might work-

it is certainly worth the try. i think she is legit.

as for the FATE end of this deal.... sitting here with megan we thought pumpkin might be a good one to give them-- at which point pumpkin ran around on 3 legs--- i will go along with that---- fate telling me not to give her pumpkin

even tho after 3 days of life in the house and doxi... she is considerably better..

the reason chuck is with her is if she takes 2 on the plane--- that could be fun on one of the busiest travel days of the year.. again --- she is up for it. we will figure out something.


in trying to convey ourt training methods---- i realize how few words are needed to have a dog be a very useful balance dog.

first of all is bulk management

like "WHOA" AND "will you get out of my way" and things like that

so i will try and perfect the language with jen.... she is more inclines to give commands liKe " down- stop- brace- step sideways-- move ahead"


today schedule

i am out of paper towels--- so that smacks of a costco trip 10:30 ish- may as well go there as anywhere--

i would like them to meet heydawg and gay somewhere -- so we will try that connection.

the heaters have arrived for the nut house and kennel 10

other than that.....

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