Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 31, 2011

i will be very glad to get back on a normal schedule

can any of you tell me if you will be around on sunday???


next problem..

history--- last "granting period" tower of hope sponsored 2 dogs--- at $14,000 each

---life blood to us

yesterday's heart ATTack of the day-- i got an email from louis----toh--- saying we had not sent in nearly enough or correct stuff. louis is our toh contact--- replacing peter with whom we survived very nicely

fact--- i had sent a sample of what paperwork we were doing to louis--- at his request---and in the skuffle he thought that was our final "request" or whatever they call the grant application....and listed a bunch of stuff we were " missing"--

missing was a terrible word to use on stuff theresa sent in--- -- she reads the directions---she does not do "missing" kindly--- ..

--- then ---he realized that so this morning's email said he would look at toh for the final "submission"

when he said it was all wrong-- i assumed it was-- not realizing we were referring to 2 different doccuments---

which caused me to go back and maybe look it over from their perspective-- i went to their web and please all of you who might have a few minutes--- go there--- read their mission statement--- and then the people they have helped-- and study the one paragraph bio's -

i think that is what they want/need

i was sending in stuff to convince them we were doing a great job--- where - i think they want something they can use to attract donors to give them the money that then comes to us...they already know we are good.

at any rate--- i started to get as many facts as i could into one paragraph when i realized

JADE !!!! you are now an educated and smart graduate--- so share the wealth and get over here and re-do these bio-s to maybe match what they need.

it is very much like the sh#tpicking cardboards---getting them already cut into the rectangles that fit in blue jeans back pocket is wonderful--- getting folded cereal boxes is better than nothing--- but with a pile on the floor--- there is no time to cut them up--

i think that is like the tower of hope meetings--- i think i gave them too much-- i was wrong to assume they had the staff to rewrite---


the other news is jen and chuck are off to nh for overnight and will be back sunday--- so i hope a few of you will be around to meet and greet.. even if it is jan 1st--- you can not all be hung over.......


the homelless kid on our calendar who is walking bailey---i did get in touch with his mother to see if we could help in any way--

apparentl;y - they are still in a shelter in beverly --- and he needs sneakers and snow pants-- -- so that is my extra chore for the week. to pick up mom and him and go shoppping.

along these lines---here is the picture from last summer--- anyone got clothes that would fit this guy?? he was a nice polite boy --