Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16,2012

Sunday mayhem
yet to be resolved...
it is appleton farm,s   family day-  a mary job--and  the durango has no brakes ( just repaired too)
if we can not make it --- we can't---  janine said we might borrow her tenant's truck----she will drive it?? and who is going??  megan??
live puppy cam    click on the black dane pup for the outside camera (8am to 5pm)  and the blue pup for the inside camera
everyone is having a great time with it...  i can't list the number of people who have it running full time at their work .
keeping up with the comments has not yet been a problem--   i group the topics about every hour.
right at the moment  i think the pups must be on the loft-- because  the camera does not show any
i would go look except that would start the rest barking.
megan took one  pup and 3 other to jades fundraiser- and we had 2 comments "why is one missing?? is that the one that was breathing  hard last night?  is she sick?  why are there so many flies-  looks like you could use a  sticky fly tape...
heaven help us the day a flea crawls across a pup's belly while they are asleep-  thsee cameras would show it for sure.
apparently jades fundraiser went well-- the chickens poo'ed on schedule. i wish i could have gone-- but there was just too much going on--
 including a guy for an interview about a dog..... and major construction in the deagle house...  it is weather proof now... with the sshingle going on now....and all this camera questions-- i do not seem to be able to answer fvrom my cell
now... the old laptop computer is in the t tent on top of the fridge in with the glue gun.  that is a heck of a note-- we can sit  in there and watch the pups instead of walking 100 feet.  progress????.
typical Sunday stew day...
charlie ( with steve) is here
i did get the cut up tree out of the flat field-- and up by the arena for easier removal to bud1's wood processing area.
i don't know if we have meat to cut-- i lost track of that project...
we need a lot of " bend and pick up.."  . there are pieces of coffee cups etc that dogs have chewed ( or i have run over with the mower) tiny pieces that make the place look sooooo messy.... have a bag and go at it.
i am told Colby will be trundling manure out to the compost pile today- park well out of the way....
and i will be playing with the camera today-  i think the object is to tape short interviews for them to use elsewhere-- not live-- 
i dunno

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