Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

i have already had 3 long emails to type-- and read over because of my faulty ssss key--- i mut solve that one today--- see?? mut
along with solving the camera-- it is supposed to rain tomorrow  and is about to learn danes fear the rainmaster as an alpha being   the pups will all sit in a row inside and wonder where all that wet stuff is coming from.
it will help if i can get the camera of my golf cart set up in the arena..
it would not be all puppies--- but a lot of action...
that camera has a lot of buttons  which go to nebraska ( or wherever)
i don't know if that will mean another photo to click on ... or if that camera would become the puppy hill one for the day??? 
speaking of distance  greg yesterday was on the phone talking to his mother in england and  she could see him thru the puppy hill camera..  blows my mind..
course a lot of thing do.
lots of people at stew... it was fun  and 8-10 dog loose with no problem   lulu is coming along with strangers... almost a normal dog now...
a negative of the day... maria called-- heidi was bleeding internally- a sign of earlichia - a tick born disease that ruins the clotting..
eyes more than  bloodshot- saliva red--  we have seen this once before  donna's dog-- we tried everything with donna's dog-- tranfusions and the works to no avail-- so george put  heidi  to sleep quietly  in the back of the van and paul dug a grave in the  A field. 
lesson ? do not take any unusual bleeding  casually- similar to lyme--those ticks are everywhere-  an unusual bleeding has to be in the category of bloat
run to the vet--- and i don't often recommend that
camera time

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