Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

do not expect any  stroke of brilliance today
but i can explain what it is like to live with a pregnant dane  named chaos----
last night we had our 9pm walk around ( which is very late for me) spoon fed her 1/2 can of food....
and  at midnight i woke to a whimpering.. got up and let her out -
 she went out the door-- turned around -- came in immediately and went for the 55 gal; drum of food..  hungry...
i gave her 2 cups of dry  and a tiny dribble for lulu -- went to bed--- 
 3:00  more whimpering-- she has the conversation down pat now-- i let her out and she disappeared- pushing the door open to come back in  about 5 minutes later-- and went straight for th e icebox--- where i had left the 1/2 can of food...
absolutely no question... she wanteed the other 1/2 can--- so i fed her that
by 5:00  the 2 buckets of fresh water in the kitchen were not up to her standards and she needed them refreshed-- so i did that and stayed up.
today will be a ride around in th golf cart day--
  bud2 said he would be around-
and if i  fall asleep at the golf cart wheel-- he can drive.
paul goes to boston today to try and get his broken arm fixed.
if any volunteers want to come do quiet walkarounds  with dogs today-- they could stand some attention
get some private instrucxtion from megan about never tighten a leash...
or if i am awake... ask me

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