Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

actually-- i don't know how many cameras are here-- they are coming back today- and i will get out my trusty index card and do a flow chart.
i think most will not have sound... i don't know where that decision rested.
at any rate no cursing in the horse alley- we need a sign to that effect.
the bad news is -- i heard a nasty remark about "passwords" 
that "passwords"   has caused much  of my equipment to be un useable..  most notably my iphone which  jade  and megan set up--i  can not go purchase an "ap"  because of an unknown/ forgotten password. 
  26 letters and 10 numbers + another 26 letters that are capitalized-- the permutations and combinations approach infinity.
things that are usually  simple--
 what is your mother's birthday? well--my mother had 2
  one in may -
the second 3 months later in July  -- which was in better agreement of 9 months after the wedding.
?what is your mothers middle name?  "francis... or frances"?
i have too many of those things.
raises heck with things like social security...passports etc...
the ultimate  password?? .....i have a friend who refers to her husband as 56342-- which is his prison number-- he did not pay child support.
but back to the dogs...
 teal has had a problem-- i think it is a question of too many people handling him-- service dogs have to receive 99% of their care and fun/affection from their partner-- you can not take shortcuts/  i think  between their travel plans and her age-- we may have got into a bind of bonding... looking back to the file-- in April - there were emails question the time availavble for bonding.
therefore fiona and vanilla are in the back room - with chaos..
they carry things-- chaos stays on her sofa while her 2 children carry large and noisy things around---buckets.. dishes....pieces of the .bed---  very noticeable in a very quiet house.
when i go out to scold them chaos ducks her head  with a "not me" look.
i want to go check the pups--  so this will be short
today schedule
camera lessons
teal at 10:00
 janine said sometime today our new web will be alive..
. i will send that around too..

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