Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

i must have slept well as i have nothing to complain about this morning.. and my only brilliant observation so far is  ...
"coffee will be extremely weak for those who forget to put grinds in the little bvasket"
  if that is the state of my mind.....i hope i am not asked to make any earth shattering decisions
what we did yesterday?
.... work on the santa shot for the calendar we are hoping to get out..
well..... my other brilliant observation from yesterday... is  how well educated bailey is--- and what a long way i have to go to get opal and bentley anywhere near her  capabilities..
. "just explain what you want me to do ... then got out of my way and let me do it."
she  carefully climbed the ladder to the wagon's seat-- then patiently  sat while we dressed her in santa's outfit-- then undressed her and politely walked down the ladder.. job well done--- no excitement-- no confusion
now bentley and opal are still in the stage of " are you talking to me???"
i hate to think of trying to do that with  another dog.  a good 5 feet in the air ---- perfectly relaxed and trusting us...
so i will just put in mark's production photo's of us trying to get the harness , antlers and dogs in position..
I've added new pictures to the “Photos of Service Dog Project” site. Come check it out at
 then  click on the blue word PICTURES   then choose the santa shots...
william decided we did not have to tip the ramp... so we were at least on the flat.. note a few things... hilary and megan are shoeless and confined to the white canvas... bonnie was in charge of rudolph's  red nose-- and getting it perched on perry's nose.
 the other huge excitement is that i heard from some pets megastore in australia who is sending the  de fleaing  supplies ..  they should arrive by 10/2 
that would be tomorrow---
why austraila?    on the advice of an adi member from australia, i started on allwormer- which at the time i could not get in the usa--  shipping is free-- and they have very good prices--  it becomes a memory thing-- i don't have to remember another name and  passowrd...
we have a vet visit coming --- maybe today??? george????
perry has a red bum.... bentley has a fussy nose ..... and lulu has a goopy eye
is there a cheaper by the dozen rate???
we have 267 more numbers to sell  for the sh#tting next Sunday have at it guys.....
enjoy mark's pictures...