Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

back to animal discussions--
i think we need to worm the pups again.... they are looking a
little round-- as in belly's round --- and it has been ?3 ? weeks..
the reason i remembered  is.... i got tired of listening to the discussions about the vp debate and turned to the animal planet- the rest of the night was about all the things you can catch from an animal or insect related to an animal. starting with dogs..
and they make it sound so normal..-
some little girl with a nearly fatal case of undiagnosed  roundworms.  they decided she must have got them from the playground------ oh great....
hopefully not many people were watching that or they will form some committee toi outlaw playgrounds so they can turn them into apt buildings.
 if it is as common as that..... why are there not preparations lining the drug store shelves  to worm kids like you do animals.
------there are not many people  who have handled more animals and their various parasites than my children and i....and i don't remember any md suggesting that we be wormed on a regular basis. 
i have to admit-- in my child rearing days i got a note from some school nurse with a discreet message  "one of the children in your child's class was found to have nits."
that was all i needed-- i saw the possibilities  so we had nit killing shampoo and used it regularly.. probably my kids were the only ones  not to have nits.
but i never heard i was to worm the children too- and i am not sure why not...  they ate carrot out of th e garden... you wiped them off in your armpit and ate them... and peas -- well they were in their own little packets-- wehad a very fertile garden thanks to all the horse manure we added to the land.
from there the animal planet went to fleas--- and combination animals-- like fleas and rodents
that made me remember  probably it is time for gizzelle--- the rat who lived in our filing cabinet last year---- to come back in the  house for the winter... as i poured my cereal out of the plastic container which is kept on top of the refrigerator...... i again noticed the teethmarks she left there last winter.
and we have no more frozen rodents in the guest house  freezer-- george has an owl he is treating and we emptied the freezer for him.
but if gizzelle and all her relatives move in again ... we will get the snap traps out ( we do not use chemicals  which is why george wants them for his hawk and owl patients)  we may even have to rent kelly -- the jack russell from down the street.
it was fun to watch her chase the danes from her rat catching project...
nothing wakes you up in the morning like opening the file draawer and have a rat run across your lap.. 
healthy-- grain fed rats.. or at least dog food---
6 rats can easily  live off what 3 danes spill--
for those of you newcommers... last year i experimented with milk bones-  gizelle was making so much noise in the middle of the night .. i finally put 4 milk bones in the middle of the floor and watched as she  took them one at a time to the file cabinet at 2am.
  she was not a huge rat--- we had those too... and caught them-- we never had a small rat-- so she must be out there in the woods waiting to "go south" for the winter.\
now pregnancy... and chaos---
we set up a whelping pen in the tv room-- i use the  term whelping pen loosely--- our mothers seem to have pups all over the place which we then carry back to the lovely whelping pen.   many warm wet pups have we scooped out of the snow and brought them in to have her clean them up...
the problem is...... i don't think chaos likes the spot we have chosen for her-- but she has settled  by the kitchen next to the heater there-- so atho we have a lovely pen set up in the warm tv room, she has not gone near it--- and even slept by the kitchen last night... only coming in to the ty room to wake me and tell me
  1 she had to go out 
  2 she was hungery
  3 she was lonely
that 2 seater "love seat" size sofa is not big enough for her by now
lying flat she would  fill  the  regular sofa right next to the smaller one... but it is her choice-- so we have barricades to prevent her from rolling out onto the floor... she is a big gal right now.
so today will be furnature moving day once again... i think moxie had her pups in the tv room-- so we can just leave that there
2 litters at a time is not bad... 3 litters means we would have to move  theresa's desk onto the front porch..
we have a lovely fire going now that paul reminded me how nice that is -- and bud1 cut down that tree for more firewood....
place is warmer-- and smells better too.
and we have a marble slab for beef cutting in front of the fire--- all set for volunteers
strange place...

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