Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012

lesson of the day...

she who forgets to feed pregnant female will have to clean up yellow foam and then feed pregnant female...

danes in general need a pre breakfast snack

a hugely pregnant female definitely needs one

also a pre lunch and pre supper and pre bed snack

chaos is large... i forgot to take her on the post breakfast waltz in front of the cameras yesterday.. i will try today..

she seems fine-- just large--- and this last 2 weeks is when she puts on the weight..

oh boys now is when we start panicing that everything will be all right.

the only problem she had was a mastitis when the pups were 2 weeks old- but they were happy to drink from a bottle and quickly ate out of a dish ( off a spoon...) and she responded to antibiotics... on we go... we have no choice now....

to continue the theme of reproduction....

i have not heard from moxie lately--- she is due aboutr 2 weeks after chaos--

and then the rest....

opal began to show red yesterday red is not all that attractive to dogs... red discharge is merely a warning-----it is 9 days from now when the red turns to salmon colored that she is fertile... will stand still.. and is very insanely attractive to males.

other than getting loose from our "in heat cage" opal seems normal red stage.

scarl;ett will be going to the vets today with a bunch of dogs-- she seems to have skipped the red part and all of a sudden she is very attrative-- with no warning-- unless she has a vaginal infection-- which males also find attractive
go figure..
along with bailey's bumps , perry's anal glands, and bentley's nose we will be having lunch with george today.. oh he may a s well look at lulu's eyes--- tho i think i waited long enough on that so they got better by themselves..
it is eye infection season as flys flitter from eye to eye.
yesterday the "STUFF" arrived from australia-- the capstar- kill all fleas in 15 minutes and for 30 hours only -- and advantix-- shipped free and lower price.
with great anticipation we spread a white sheet on the floor and megan and i had lunch waiting for the hundreds of fleas to drop off dustin in wild ecstasy ... as repoorted by dr.bob..
we had one come to the surface of his hair and run in a circle only to be picked off by impatient megan.. after 30 minutes.. by the clock.. i resorted to a flea comb-- which does catch fleas -- and got only 3 normal looking fleas over the entire dog.
we returned him to the barn and gave everyone ( except chaos) a majic pill, gathered up the investagatory sheet and went back to work...
after the flea combing i have been doing--- the test bunch bailey luna opal and bently had very few fleas---if any-- after the pill .
i am not willing to make any statement-- other than the flea comb works- and costs $3.00 for 25 dogs-- the pills at the cost of $3.00 per dog did not make fleas drop off as advertised... we know--- we had a huge king sized white sheet-- and we got down on our hands and knees- wanting to find wildly dancing fleas in the process of dying./ it did not happen... but more combing produced nothing more...
that gives us no result-- either the comb was more efficient prior to the pill--- or the little buggers danced to death and clung to a hair in their ecstacy.
they will all get advantix today.
the only pure unadulterated flea carrying dog would now be chaos-- and i just combed her again-- i got no fleas---- alive or dead
i am reminded-- that comb cost $3.00 on ebay
a big supply of capstar and advantix set us back over $600. i am a little annoyed that i may have been trained to panic by the flea product selling industry.
we certainly have a fleas--- but of the house bunch 5 minutes of bonding while combing seems to have reduced - or eliminated the "infestation"
oh i know--- they will get them back from the sofa.s-- but if 5 minutes of flea combing while bonding does reduce the population of fleas-- i have to think about this..
to be able to say to brooksby village--" they are all on frontline--- or advantix" may have it's psychological merits-- but when it gets down to counting/ catching fleas...
i am from Missouri. ( i am reading a book on president truman "show me")
for you newcomers these dogs have a coat 1/2 inch thick so it is very easily coombed
and there is the calendar-- i just got a note from william
Is Friday still open for you ? By far the best for weather. If you are game I would like to accomplish 3 pictures.
I can start early or late for best light.

Dog reading newspaper over mans shoulder in office.
Pups eating in a row.

Teepee and Indian Chief and his lovely wife.
Let me know your thoughts...
i can do friday--- kitty can not--- and she is gooooood at all the details
who else can be around????
and early is better for me
remember the topsfield fair is on--- go up rt 95 and back on rt 97 do not attempt route 1 it can be blocked for hours with people waiting to eat grease and sugar.

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