Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012

fun on the  farm---  or-- more specifically----   life with a very pregnant great dane.
it has become obvious that my nights of sleeping in  my bed are gone-- probably for the next 2 months-
chaos'  snoring loudly is a very desirable thing-- it means she is asleep !
otherwise in a collection of wimpers , sighs,   toenail clicking, and barks she attempts to explain to me how she feels about her changing body.
you have heard of a three dog night ... well, before i finally gave up trying to sleep upstairs, last night  was a three towel night.
this house has a definite pitch to it...  any fluid placed on the floor collects in 3 places,,  well... 4 if you count under the refrigerator---except after extensive study the refrigerator was found to be hiding a leaky dishwasher- the other 3 are dog generated...
 on vinyl-- no big deal-- just more bath towels.
her vocabulary ?outside? she will either rush to the door, or drop her head  and stare at the 55 gallon food drum where she will eat about 2 cups of dry food, before she starts the whimper  "where's desert?"  and move her glance to the refrigerator... where a open can of dog food is kept. about 1/3 a can of that  and she will  turn around and say  "that water is not fresh.. i just tasted it"  so we do that --- and she  gives a "i feel better now" and go to the sofa in  the tv room and lie down
this is where the real conversation starts
 she does not fall asleep-- she wants company..
i got my book  (44 presidents or something)-- sat down to read--- and she not only wants company... she wants eye contact-
- because if i drop my  eyes to read, she wimpers-- i look up at  her- she yawns and stares eye to eye for a long time-- then stretches her jaw by yawning and wimpering... so i do the same..
that goes on  for 20 minutes-- and she will look at the door..   if i say ?outside? she will drop her gaze with a "no you dummy"
 so i started saying "?paul? and her eyes stayed on the door--    the only word i could think of to describe the situation was "WAIT" and her eye would come back to staring at me. 2:30 am  --- 
  now 7:30 and she is asleep  and i am drinking coffee
along those same lines..... lynn reports
It has happened, Merlot has finally come into heat!!! Houston,!!!!   we have red spots on the floor!
wonderful--- now go back to your previous lessons in dog reproduction....
red now +9 days = fertile== about the 14th  which is when chaos is due.
 will chaos have had her pups so we can make an informed decision about merlow?  if chaos has 13 it is not to  breed merlow.... but if chaos has 1 ( which she has done before-)- then breeding merlow becomes much more possible...
then  relate that to  the conditions of our finances-- how are donations doing...??
specifically has everyone bought their chicken number.. ??????
that chicken bit is not only th e  puppy food-- it is also a vote of confidence that we should continue along the path....
it is supposed to be a nice day.. so photo-william is coming  i am not sure when--
it started to be just the  teepee and dog  dinner shots-- but somehow it has become megan reading in a chair with bailey  on the window seat  behind--- and 2 dogs on chairs on the island... he has in mind aderondeck  chairs-- sounds good except dogs bodies are not made to fit into aderondeck chairs.
??? maybe lying down?? this is where it gets complicated-- the artist in him dreams up impossible situations-- where the animal handler in me dreams up very strange things he would think impossible  ( like the dog in the tree)
at any rate-- the teepee poles are up-- we have only to add the canvas- which has to be specifically wrapped around "the lift pole", tipped into place and unwound around the poles.-- it should be simple.. but i am not as agile as i once was..
Good morning,

Tommy has been many places in his first week: dentist (mine, not his), bakery, woods walk, yoga class, and a school auditorium. Despite the noises and smells at the dentist, he popped up only twice from his down stay. Good boy. He kept his focus with only a few reminders through the plethora of smells at the bakery and in the woods. Zonked out in yoga. The applause in the school auditorium surprIsed him the first time, held his interest the second. By the third, his head was relaxed on the floor.

He's been such a good boy, really trying. I strolled through town with him on a quiet morning. Good thing no one was around - it helped Tommy stay focused and no one saw my tears. I was so proud of him.

nap when your child naps
i am going back to chair and book.. chaos is snoring. 

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