Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012

the on going saga of the big 60 cup rice cooker-- that i tried to order and quit.... these kind volunteers took over the project--
 with considerable effort they finally got someone  ?sears?? to accept the order... and.......
I am sorry to update with disconcerting news. Apparently does not notify online buyers as to whether the item purchased is in stock at the time of order. I checked online to see the status of my order this evening and found that it had not been shipped, and no other information was available. Les called their 800 number and was told it was out of stock and that they (eTundra) would have to check with the vendor as to when it would be in. I hope to get an update tomorrow. I will keep you posted.
Les & Skip
buying a rice cooker is just  a barrel of laughs.
just trying to deal with normal things  takes hours
my phone is about to be shut off because  i have not paid the bill-- and the reason is... i have a credit balance-- but their computer...... so i get hourly mechanical  phone calls"pay the bil"l
-- i had expected the fence company down the drive at any monent     to fix the chicken fence
i called  to see when they were coming-- they said "after feburary" 
  we'd have no chickens by then
colleen #1 came in all flustered because she had to produce  her daughters birth certificate immediately ( she was in texas with wallet stolen) and the town hall  computer was down for 24 hours..
we both ran thru 1/2 dozen less than normal problems that happened yesterday..
but i did solve one
moxie will feed her pups if--- and only if -- you put down a spotlessly clean  bath towel and then cover that with 2 bath mats so it is comfortable.  can't blame her...
what looks clean in a puppy pen is not necessarily so.
i am not pleased with the offer from to install a another heater in the barn/kennel.  we need more ummph   we already have the kerosene furnace-- so it seems another which uses kerosene is th e way to go-- except that is as elusive as the rice cooker...  i will work on it today.
and then
the whole crew is getting a kick out of the ups presents that arrive almost daily- from kongs to maccadamia nuts---hand knot dish cloths to advantix-- problem there is they often do not have an email address to thank anyone..  so i have a bucket ( literally) of thank you's to research
maybe i can shift judy from beef cutting to thankyou writing.
the first "shipment"  of puppy breath went out yesterday-- and someone else paid  using the donate /paypal button  on our web-- and left a comment it wsas for 2 vials of the puppy breath that earlene bottled..  that worked...
-- it is a wonderful  $8 gift for someone who doesn't  even know they need some/.
and the calendars arrive today  mid morning i am told...
the first bunch of envelopes is ready to go
sitting in front of the fireplace doing a robotic chore of sticking  labels on envelopes--- or cutting beef   --- is very therapeutic. - 
and we have boxes for those of you who want to order a bunch of calendars-  i am pretty excited--- it looks to be a super special callendar --- order on our web
or just send us a check...the old fashion way   37 boxford rd  ipswich ma 01938 
tiz the season--  between a calendar and puppy breath all your Christmas  shopping is covered right here... 
today schedule? 
try and find a heater and person to install it.
and  order chicken fencing-- and hopefully becky's son will take that on.


  1. Here are links to commercial 60-cup rice cookers that are available / in stock. Amazon and Walmart both have them.

  2. I've also dealt with Instawares - they have one as well: