Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012

( i discovered bigger font instead of caps) 
***  short doggie********************
the camera people were delighted  to see earlene here overnight tending to chaos and her litter.. she observed something   -- as we have many times before--- that we really must pass on  in keeping with our reality performance..
  w/r/t mothers  wizzing the pups.. if you sit a pup  on his/her rear ( on a wash cloth is good-) to help the moms with this wizzing  and let mom clean them by lapping the pee.... when they are  finished, the moms' take one final lap across the pup's face--
" There - I am done"----this is a fact of puppy raising.
just thought you needed to know that
that litter is 3 weeks now-- so time has come for the circus to start...  otherwise known as smearing time  as opposed to feeding time
it can get messy and the whole house will smell like goats milk----- an odor i would  love to wish on an irs agent bent on discovering whether i actually  raise dogs.
object being to start them  on a spoon--- you have to get the concept of ... down.. lap food... as opposed to up nurse.  we start with a soup spoon only because you can chase them with it an d minimize the spillage.
after which we can go to a dish.
time has come for my tirade on  the poorly designed dog dishes.. if you take a normal looking stainless steel dog dish  wider at the top  and jump up and down in the vicinity of the dish... eventually you will crack your shin as you hit the edge and it flips and whacks you in the leg..  happy dogs jump around food dishes--- i have seen one very confused pup who figured he was attacked by the dish.  soooooo  most of our dishes fit exactly in  some bucket or holder   which solves the problem.. but for wee pups.... i have some small dishes that flare out at the bottom.. these are what they graduate to after the spoon dribble.
after they master dish  wading...  we then graduate to spoon feeding canned food--  one at a time.. then 2 at a time with their name called--- and wait often   used... and they are on their way to a finished service dog.
and you thought dog training meant marching in circles.
this is carlene's lazy day dog training school.
it should be mentioned that when we start feeding at about 3 weeks, the moms stop cleaning up after them  this has it's own  recognizable odor.
along those lines  there is a product  NI-712  from neuron industries ( or something like that)-- it is an umbelievable odor killer-- who would know better than someone with  23 great danes in th ehouse???  they now sell smaller containers --- but it was  over $100 a gallon and worth every penny 
i talked to the  office ( in arizonz??) and they said they  use so many oranges that the juice is the by product.
 i use caps/big font -- because i am seeing double with at least one eye.  soon...i must away to the eye dr...
in an effort to get my own dogs back into the house... the 2 litters are in the tv  room with their moms- and 5 in the house.. 23 danes... know pf any guiness record???
today schedule--
i dunno  
 becky was supposed to be here yesterday and i don't think she made it
the fire is lovely--- maybe lovely enough to do accounting and stay in...



  2. You are so funny ... if this isn't made into a book something is wrong. Put them together and publish online ... you will make enough to buy another house that you can stay in without the odors!!! You are just wonderful.

  3. I may have to look into that odor killing stuff. I have a black lab with horrible skin. She has an odor to go with the skin. Drives me (and anyone that visits) crazy.

    I enjoy reading the doggie daily; it always gives me a chuckle. I didn't get a chance to read it in the morning like I usually do. When I got to work that was the first thing I said; I didn't get to read the doggie daily. My co-workers know all about this site. I have them watching the puppies too. :)