Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012

would call this the daily dillema  if i could spell that
had all sorts of things to be angry about this morning--
 like who was the smartie who discovered a breakfast of left over  chinese food  was not the way to start the day. 
 but all the rest of the annoying things  were the kind that i dare not mention because of all the people who now read this nonsense
there is a camera person in scotland-- maybe she can remember this story/poem   and give us the whole thing
it is about the son of a minister at a church party--
"i started in a story  - then i stopped it in the  middle
cause the story that i started was not... you see..
the kind that you could tell   at a church party."
practically every thought i have had this morning ended like that
the worst that i must not mention-- so i will change the names---
is about
a little kid  probably weighs less than  60 pounds-- so lets call her" 60"
was being hauled around school in a wheelchair--- by an aid 
and  several times they forgot to take her to lunch ---. when i first went to this school to meet with official people-- the aid left 60 in the  hall in her wheelchair when she came into the office to meet us..
 sack of flour type treatment..
 60  wanted some  independence--- and to  be able to go to the mall  with her friends without her father.. --60 And her  dad came here  ----she could walk with him-- but walkers etc were too tippy.
 like a red flag in front of a bull--- i bit the challenge---- .captured fido  who had not worked a day in years-- took him in harness to a mall and said "go"  and she walked  about 1/4 a mile hanging on to fido-- not dad.. we put together a young pup for her-- and they walk--without supervision  in the mall-- and we have a video of her walking in the ipswich school ( where we practice "noise and confusion")  walking almost  normally.
the pup passed the town's  august practice fire bell drills with "A" 
 there are a couple of the  staff  in her school system who do not..  shall i say.......are not encouraging  to her..  they prefer the sack of flour treatment in a wheelchair--  it is easier for them-- the big BUTTTT-her legs need to walk
megan has gone to her school with her  and came back with  stories how both kids and teachers were calling to and grabbing at this pup.  so now the pup is nervous in her school  especially during fire drills.   and they  have now photographed the pup in a fire drill worrying about what is behind him.
 in the middle of the night--- i realized if they want her to ride in a wheelchair---- then  have that aid follow her around with the danm thing  and if the fire bell rings 60 can ask for a ride and let the dog follow...  it would not take any more of the aid's time-- and it would  enable her to walk 99.98% of the time  and  not be told to sit and stay  isolated  in that chair when  they forget to take her to lunch..
think i can win that one??? the dog behaves nearly perfectly  everywhere but in that school where even the teachers  grab at the dog...
anne( denmark anne) offered  to drive me up there (NH)    she likes to spectate  a good argument.
if i need help i will ask for it ----- i can see it now....
we have all been subjected to 4 years  of political people    walking up and  down some sidewalk with placcards about far less critical things...
next problem
i feel like lucy at the candy factory...
  calendars are nearly on the printers schedule-
i ordered mailers to send the calendars
they are advertised as unbendable- yet  lightweight  to avoid postage.
it is a commercial company---some flat.. some gussettd and a few boxes
the only other thing i added were refils  for  our first aid kit--- like  those little packets  of 2 advil to a tiny envelope
i was shocked to see the shipping $93  and called to try a nd figure out a slower/cheaper shipping ( which was stilll less that the staples route)
we went thru the order and all together-- all those enveloes and advil weigh about 300 pounds..  ok... if those  900 mailers are 300 pounds what do 1000 calendars look like---and where do we put all that volume of boxes here and be able to address them and train dogs at the same time..
what do we do... start another overflow room?
 so today's   schedule
somebody has to go train a dog a t costco and get me some breakfast cereal along with a big jar of pepto bismol --- between barbara's  great left over lasagna and  then the chinese food,  i need help
anne is due here for coffee at 11-- she is a clipboard carrying tea drinker.
i am supposed to be thinking about THINGS.
i'll try..