Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

there are some universal truths in the world.
.trying to type with jam on your fingers is a bad idea...
and a bunch of great dane pups are not golden retriever pups
colleen had a very active night...-- and i may have to cut this short and help explain the facts of life to these pups.
golden pups are lovely sweet and stay that way... dane pups are high powered  much more inquisitive and  creative- with a bit of a sense of humor thrown in... so colleen found herself at 3am in all seroiusness  saying  " what is with all of you tonight --casper you are fine... chaos why aren't you helping with them"  and the look she got from chaos was  "i like watching.... i heard you say this bit is easy..  "
this is why our dogs do not have a list of "commands" as many dogs do...
ours respond to 
knock it off
don't eat that chair
wait your turn
don't put your feet on me
get off my lap
get out of the icebox
and the most important  ....whoa !
please & thank you
you talk to a dane--  for instance...take    bailey-- i can say "down" 
 and she will look at me  with "really? why? ?"
and then  i  say "yes damnit' and she will understand exactly, and bend 1/2 way down and look at me "that floor is cold- you better have a good reason ... and (in case of a photo shoot  )  roast beef" 
you talk--- and people who have these  dane dogs have to get used to having a running conversation with them-- and carefully watch their dogs for their 1/2 the conversation.
prime example is a lovely merle" peggity"- in penna-- "i am not going in that smelly ladies room- i will just lie here outside  the door and wait"  and tiffany just leaves her there-- it works..--  tiffany-- is deaf with balance.. and when peggity jumped on her bed one night  tiff told her to get lost-- peggity got down-- then jumped up again clearly saying "i am serious.. wake up"  so tif did  and smelled the smoke--- picked  up the cat and left to watch the apt burn down.
sometimes they have to disobey
i said sometimes
w/r/t   these cute little puppies -- even the smallest will weigh over 120 pounds - and under no circumstances may they think of putting their feet on someone's shoulders..  especially mine.
this happened in the puppy hill crowd last week and a camera person was shocked  to see one of our experienced kids swing her arms and hit the pups
welllllll...  i have found saying  "please don't do that " does not work at the teenage puppy years...  my instructions are to swing your arms hands in a horizontal plane and if th e puppy jumps up and hits your arms and hands-- so be it...-- it is a delicate balance-- you never pursue them and hit them.. you stand and swing and when they run into your arms it becomes their fault.
i have also been known to swing the end of the leash in a verticle circle in front of me as i walk-  it doesnt touch them unless they try and get  their nose ahead of me...  it is their fault-- and they think of it  that way..
i remember (here we go )  back in lynnfield i was taking a bunch of 12 year old boy scouts around our back field in the raibn one day  (wet ground... good contact)-- and i casually said to the group "don't touch the wire" knowing full well some smart *** would grab the wire-- it being an  electric fence- he yelled--  i said that is how you learn-- now don't drive too fast when you get your license. 
experience often comes from bad experience..
i really should go help with the little darlings
today schedule
first figure out which day it is... i think Monday
polly/bob here..
polly stays in the office and i can go ou
tracy also holding sdown the fort.
i have a dr apt at 2;00
other than that...

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  1. Carlene, I can totally appreciate the list of "commands" your dogs understand, we have similar at my house with two Shelties and a pit/dobbie mix.

    Knock it off (universal perhaps?)
    Not you, YOU!
    What do you have?
    I said stop
    I said come here, here, here, fine don't.
    Don't do that
    Get off me (also apparently universal)
    stop barking

    They also understand a few more things that will send them running away

    Why is there dog hair in a brand new jar of peanut butter?
    someone find the remote for the bark collar
    oh geeze, who ate poop, I can smell it, get the toothbrush

    Well you get the point. Actually my kids are pretty well trained, just as I apparently am pretty well trained.

    Enjoy the Doggy Daily very much, both entertaining and informative. Thanks for Sharing.