Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

humans are still ahead here-  we managed the Sunday stew-- it was mobbed  but everyone seemed to come and go with no disasters...
it was great to see jocelyn aka "57"  and teal ---- he is one happy dog-- and she is doing great too---- out of harness he bounded up and over several sofas before settling next to her- towering over her-- school is going much better-- apparently she has identified the  boy who has been grabbing teal's tail---  name and phone number..
now maybe that is what i should put in this daily doggie.  they don't go back to school til jan-- but i will tackle that first thing... plus she feels much better about  the whole thing now... she is laughing-- so are her parents...her neurologist is really happy too... her legs are much stronger since she got rid of the wheelchair and walks with teal. 
  for those of you who have calendars-- teal is  "mr april" and "57" got her name because that is what she weighs...  it is wonderful to watch them together...  she whispers something to teal  and he does exactly what she says even if he is 3 times her weight.
if teal was the only dog we placed last year it would be well worth it.....there were 14 others  placed in 2012..  our goal was one a month. 
somebody said it couldn't be done........
if you wait long enough this "somebody"  will say everything--- it is hard to listen to someone online make the comment about my personal choices in managing this program- actually i don't mind a good argument with a well informed opponent-- but when they read one "how to" book  and  get into words like irresponsible and lack of moral obligation-- it is tough.
a few years ago the responsible akc breeder   either gave away or destroyed a merle pup  as an inferrior dog-  i did not follow that -- and simply named mine what they were-----the wrong color---  hence a long line of  dogs named the wrong color.-----brownie and purple were  2 spectacular  dogs... and now teal-- we are getting hard pressed for color names  that are not nouns  like orange****
yellow is one fine looking dane-- i "saved" him for future breeding by parking him with a family in ipswich. **** that approach certainly was frowned on by the people who blindly follow the guidelines of the akc. 
you have to remember  our   goal is entirely different than the really hard nosed  akc breeder- i need a strong healthy level headed dog to work as a service dog-    they are looking for a show ring champion-- long graceful neck and long legs- both of which - in my  opinion- are just looking for trouble.... i go with the amish definition of a good work animal  -- leg is 1/2 the height.  that is the difference between  a football player and a basketball player -- or between a sturdy percheron vs budweiser clydesdale-- or quarterhorse  vs  thorobred race horse.
 the fact that i went and bought 100 blue ribbons for 15 cents each and skipped the whole dog show world did not make me very popular with the show ring crowd.
SDP  has different goals- and i am proud of what we have accomplished.
i just have to ignore the naysayers.  we have had a lot of success and only a few problems- can't win 'em all.
kind of a stewing day-- looking for people who would be amused by sitting around with the pups-- not doing anything specifically with them.. megan and i will be around to move their training along with a few 5 minute sessions  the rest is playtime.. 
earlene is overnight
megan will be here -- poly and bob can't stay but promised breakfast sandwiches..
and we are trying to set up the beef cutting in the training room-   we have a  glass top table someone left in the yard...
our other addition is a  keurig coffee maker--works well...compliments of colleen 2
and ginger arrives tomorrow
from atlanta to volunteer for a week...  whooooo whoooooo !!


  1. Carlene, I'm sorry that people have questioned you and your methods. I have been so blessed to watch the puppies and those that volunteer with them. Thank you for letting us into your home. Know that for ever criticism there are 50 people who are grateful and supportive of what you do, even if we remain silent. Merry Christmas to you, your family, the volunteers, the puppies and all the other dogs in training. You provide an awesome service. Hope your day brings lots of wonderful surprises.

  2. Carlene, very well said!! You and your team do an awesome job with these dogs and the people you service. The naysayers wish that they could do what you are doing, but don't have the guts to invest their lives into such a GREAT endeavor. Please know that for every one of them...there are 100 supporters who would back you up in a hearbeat. Merry Christmas to you and the entire SDP crew!! BTW, I sent you an e-card from is a fun rendition of, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, starring you, Bailey, Chaos, Moxie, and Walter. It could be in your spam area of email if your computer has a higher spam setting now that it is fixed. It's just kind of silly...hahahaha! Merry Christmas! Havadane-OR