Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012

i can't believe the number of people who knew about albert and the lion ( stanley halloway poem )-- several people  also could recite   about albert poking the lion in the ear - getting swallowed, regurgitated and the parent trying to collect the insurance.
since i got started on british humor----....donald swann and michael flanders "at the drop of a hat" is my favorite collection of carefully chosen words. --worth googling
long poem--re madeira  
she lowered her standards by raising her glass
her courage, her eyes. and his hopes
the british have a way with words--
lesson here --- do not play scrabble with greg blue-- he is british and has a much better vocabulary that we do.
he is the volunteer here who gets on the phone and talks to his mum in britain while she watches him on the explore camera.
in a strange twist-- i put in this daily doggie one of  the days chores was to move a heavy recliner--
 and she called ( from britain ) to remind him ( in peabody) that there was some lifting to do at serv dog project ( in ipswich)..
this dd gets around..
ginger arrived from atlanta   and is pitching in....yesterday it was just basic survival skills--
today we get back to semi normal- whatever that is
and ann  prepared another bunch of puppy breath vials for earlene to fill-- all those labels have to be picked off-- she did yoemans service...!!
then with a syringe i inject themwith chlorox and soap   before i remove the metal ring and re wash-- this puppy breath manufacturing com[any has very high standards of cleanliness.
certainly getting these chaos pups out for a once around the house..- even in the rain/cold  -- is something i am happy to have others do--- two pups at a time.
and the nutt house must be prepared for their  daytime residence--  they are getting bbbbiiiiggggg-- paul reported the temp in there was 102---- there was some discussion about placement of  thermometer in relation to th e wood/coal stove-----  we need to have someone carefully moniter the function of the electric heater in conjunction with the stove...  their area has a much lower bunk-- sofa height -- with a nother bed for a step up-- we need thermometers there to be sure we have enough heat lower down...  it might make sense to run a dryer vent hose with a duct fan from  the ceiling over the stove to under the lowside bunk.
bumpy is here-- perfectly beautiful- silky coat-- reminding us to deal with caspers bumps-- same thing  that is one reason he is named bumpy  -- it does go away..  needs medicated shampoo etc... megan--- today.... and then he becomes a slightly damp house dog--
and willow is working back to being  a barn dog--- at least during the day-- in kennel 8 next to her siblings-- or turned in/out with perry-- they should be able to stand each other... and get the others ready for individual "stalls"
 training...  speaking of ...... away
this is another critical word-- i hate to use the word "command"--- but it is certainly a word to be understood and obeyed..
there  is a true-ism in puppy raising that pups can follow  your eyes and go to where ever you are looking......
unfortunately if you are looking at the next pile of poo to pick, they run over and stand in it -- then are so pleased with themselves they jump  all over you.
so this is the perfect place to learn   away...  you stamp your feet while saying away-- they eventually learn that for some unknown reason, we collect that stuff, and they must not  interfere.
 second place to apply this  is at any door-- 8 pups, i have watched people try and hold them back with their hands--- it is comical--- you can not control a bunch of danes with your own muscles ( an on going theme)
as you open the door-- stamp in a very threatening manner and say" away"  - make it clear to them that the open door is not an invitation to run thru it.-- and when they do wait... be sure to say thank you.
"thank you"   sounds so much better in public than "good boy"-- another on going theme..
remember great dane training is a lot of "plan ahead"   and bulk management  is a big issue---  "back up" "move over"  things like that
so on we go
struggling one pup at a time to teach them yuppy  techniques---
 one pup has learned to yuppy all by himself (herself?? i am not sure who it was-- but we are working on it)
and the absolute statement of the day-- i cleaned the overflow room
the path thru is now wider....

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  1. I know we see so much of what these little(lol) guys are doing 24/7 but is there any chance we could see some video of their training? I especially would love to see the "YUPPY PUPPY" in action :) Thank You For Everything