Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012

-i can see---- maybeeee--- getting measured for a wedding dress... but socks?????  which started me asking questions--- first answer was-"don't worry about it medicare covers it"
medicare would be billed $260 for the fitting and then $1500 for these special   socks.
 it would be against my core belief to let that charade to be connected to me-- furthermore-- maybe a lot of retired  folk have time to get measured for socks-- i don't.
luckily  theresa found some nearly perfect soccer socks for $8 a pair--- and then earlene found some socks for professional players  -- heavy duty-- that come with directions ---and marked  right-- left for $19.
i have never seen a soccer player running around with saggy socks--  these do cling to  stay up-- no problem..
... and i realize that if medicare billed the $1760  they might only be paid  $210----- however  even at $19 a lot of people made a profit.....  the other $191 of medicare money went somewhere besides  the cost of the medical care.....  my guess it  went to the paper and ink manufacturers CEO's vacation fund.
you think i am kidding????
 listen to that ad  "get yourself a hoverround at absolutely  no cost to you"
that is why  some in the gov't want to cut expenses for education-- heaven forbid we raise children who can think.
i don't know what today's schedule is-- i hear earlene will be here today  - she has th e week off...
 we are letting these dogs out in the house more and more-- before we shuffle them out to th enutt house..
hillary let these out into the office area about 6am  and they are getting ready to nap one hour later-- it is increasingly quiet...
camea fun--  we did get the rover on to the wifi that covers the whole property-- relatively painless--  but the camera-- or encoder does continue to malfunction... like every 2 hours we have to diddle with it  encoder not ready  is a new error for me..  we unplug everythign and replug and eventually it goes again .  the cure is a bit random...
having mentioned socks---- i have to include this joke-- which is the total result of my 4 years spanish language study..
     spanish speaking man goes into store to buy some socks and  can not think of th e word 
     for socks-- after a long guessing game the clerk finally shows him a pair of socks
      and he says  "esso si que es" and the clerk says "why didn't you tell me you could spell it?"
4 years spanish.....