Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

yesterday's stew was a mixture of plus-es  and negatives.
in keeping with the concept of "accentuate the positive"..... we sold out the bingo board.-- and gay -- "heydawg's gay" is now the latest in the shatupon club.
 the fastest sh#tting ever--- hilary did not get the second chicken out before the first had declared the winner---#7
santa-- was here---perfect santa-- we/mark got some great pictures of our perfect dog bailey in the carriage seat with santa-- walked up the ladder like she was going to church ( or to a tree limb for the  calendar shot)nice guy that santa-- can be found thru camera mark..
  i heard he did a job once for a church  where at the midnight service he just quietly walked down the aisle to the alter, knelt for a minute- then turned and walked out..-- whoever planned that was a genius.
mark's new toy of hot dog steamer worked perfectly
willow is feeling much better-- making me wonder if we should be cutting her dosees... she ran around "A" yesterday and really didn't want to come in.... she is playing with things-- dogs in pain do not play with things like unrolling  toilet paper-- or shreding newsprint.
 on second thought i am not sure i want that other washer in the house-- i think the feed room would be better.  wherever it is -- dirty laundry will accumulate-- and  i think the house is stressed enough for accomodating the dogs...-
we do need to get the  white golf cart working better
along with worming the pups-- just another  one of those maintanence chores that need looking into.
time to lock the pond gates shut til spring...-  the possibility of a dog going thru the ice haunts me...  we had that happen once-  my screaming brought janine-- who i then shoved out on the thin ice  ( scantily clad i might add) to pull  the dog out.
it was strange the dog kept trying to climb out from the direction he's fallen in-- where if he turned around he could have walked out.
so we chain the ponds shut all winter.
poor janine--
 then there was the time the roof of the house caught fire... tom left to drive to the fire station... i screamed for janine  and got a ladder.. she appeared with a few--- but not many -- clothes on and climbed up the ladder- which was too short to lean on the roof- but she made it- i handed her the foam fire extinguisher and she did her thing.  well--- that stuff is slippery-- by the time the fire department clomped up the hill in their big black boots- janine had the fire out- but the foam left her sliding around  with no ladder to get off the roof.
these things happen
today's chores-- check up on the washer and dryer..
for chicken sh#tting  i must go over the computer  printerout  and get the numbers to land getter on the little dots--- we were close--  i should fix it before i forget.
and work on getting the camera to rove  in one unit without  wires drooping all over..
dry food scavenger hunts worked beautifully for the pups-- they are asleep again---  maybe that way we can feed them less and firm up the stools
i had to get in  that  stool report

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