Tuesday, December 25, 2012


fleeting thru my head are topics being chased by the  "you can't put that in an email
there is a scotish poem about that ... fortunately i can't remember it all 
 but the concept is---- change happens... 
i started in a story- then i stopped it in the middle
for the story that i started was not, you see,
the kind that you could tell at a church party
i forgot the middle part..  but it goes on....
and many years had passed when fortune gave me such a shock
when  the ministers youngest daughter at her fathers jubilee
told the story that i started at the church party.
the british have a much more amusing way with words than americans..
highly recommended are the stanley halloway monologues 
if you can deal with the accent-- the cd-- otherwise get the book
i do know the full albert and the lion-- but i will spare you-
we --- earlene and i -- are anxiously awaiting the arrival of ginger from atlanta-- a camera person who's  christmas present from her husband in Afghanistan was to come here and pick poops for a week  and stay in the guest house......
she has to be one of the chosen -- 
when i got up -- willow was in the chair and earlene on the floor.-- whatever-- they are quiet...... at  the moment
the point to ponder today--  in my opinion....
the yuppy puppy training--- for th 47th time i explained to someone,,, i have never been able to train a dog using my muscles.. historically--- i tried to teach a dog to roll over by rolling hm over--  3 days later  the dog had learned nothing- but i realized  they don't learn that way..
and that sure pertains  to the yuppy puppies--- the  instinct to pick up the foot and put it on the lever is great-- but the minute you extend the leg the dog begins to pull back- and all the concentration is on getting their foot away from you and they never learn to push the lever.  
and then ( this is the exciting part...)  that concept pertains to 99% of the training we do...  you might have to use a muscle to start  th etraiing.... cause something to happen then instantly release the dog  to let them think about it.
this is my  tight leash lesson-  pull them sharply into place next to you then totally relax the leash- let them think-- if they pull - do it again- before too many the dog will stand next to you.  at that point you are well on your way to a trained dog-- do the same thing while walking...
  walk next to me on  a loose leash or you will get put back in place with that thing around your neck-( which preferably should be a  plain chain ' training collar)- 
that is nearly the same concept as using my muscles to get the paw on the yuppy puppy lever-- it is the stop and let them think  which trains them
i took on a bet at a Sunday stew--- an absolutely impossible pit bull  - the owners couldn't even get him out of the car...  they had been told the harness would help them control the dog..  mistake-- those things teach the dogs to pull.. any rate.. i put on one of our training collars and
  politely said to the dog"let me explain  it to you"
--a couple "oh no you don't"
 and he stood at my feet with a " that is not what usually happens" look on his face.
we walked off to the t-tent with him on a loose leash-- i told him  to lie down at my feet- and he did- perfect behavior
then i had to try and train th eowner...  that did n't go as well...
pups think it is time to gt out and play with the boxes  from yesterdays ups delivery..  kongs--- canned food treat food- cookies--coffee--cardboard-- checks--   and  shampoo -- thanks to one and all-
and the calendars are nearly sold out  (1000 of them)  and the jan food and oil bill   chicken sh#t wall are nearly all gone too...
tis the season...


  1. You are an absolute treasure....Merry Christmas.

  2. I love Albert and the Lion. My Mum used to recite it to me.