Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18,2013

the chuppies spen t th e night in the kennel 10-- we kept track of them from here... and they look all right.
this means them muppies were here in the house.. until 5am 
paul set the fire for the  nutthouse-- all i needed was a match. we then let them out for 1/2 hour an d back to eat breakfast-- now they are wandering like normal dogs  quiet inquisitive  no chewing on each other etc...
this is huge progress..
next to swap them  so i can do the leash training  bit with the chupies..
hillary was overnight   which meant we had bumpie here too...  he is such a lovely dog  and a great daddy dog too
except.... when he is around we have to put up pee deflectors on every corner because regardless of how nice a dog, his instinct is to tell any passing dog how tall he is.. and  he is very talented-- he can reach the third shelf on the bookcase.
i don't know how ADI would feel about having yellow stained   records-- being mostly oriented to small dogs ( labs and goldens) i bet they never thought of insisting that all medical records not be urine stained.
furnature shifting..
. paul rightly decided my bureau made better firewood than it was a bureau-- so we had a nice warm fire with which to cut beef.
i am hoping greg will be around soon to get the bed downstairs-- well--- down railing  actually...
our old golf cart needed 6 new batteries at about $100 each so anne and i went to look over the situation...  I was all set to pay  $3000 for  one nice replacement  -turned my back and she made a deal for 2 of the same ones for $4700-- way to go anne
 i spent a great deal of time yesterday doing up a new schedule  taking into consideration  dogs-- pups--explore--  cameras  and existing volunteers....
the part i really need to have volunteer help with--- is a very organized 9am-10:30  daily help managing and training all these pups.. i think we have the coverage... but it is the kind where everybody arrives the same day  and sit around and drink coffee..
if we could have volunteers be available at 9am specifically for puppy management- it would improve our performance..  i need someone to sit in the back room and keep the pups clean and happy  while shuffling one pup at a time thru the kitchen door for me to play with under controled situation.
before 9 and after 10:30 you can do the things you usually do... but i need to get organized...  and 10:30 i should go out with   megan and some older dogs.
plus i want to fool with  cameras off site...
people around explore seem to have a lot of cameras-- like that mike--- he had some underwater idiot proof cameras-- i think he offered me one... i need to chase  that idea.
schedule-- dr apt  10:00  eye dr 
best buy scouting trip
here the rest of the day
what is it like to have cameras in the house????
 along with  getting messages to greg in peabody mass... by way of his mother in britain.....
from 1/2 way cross country.....julie g4  has sent me a long discertaition about my computer use-- and how i need a new chair/keyboard to improve my posture--  she is right--
don't know if i can manage to do anything about it-- but i did change to a higher stool..

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  1. Re the computer posture...I think the right glasses will help. It does for me.

    Plus, if you need the print to be bigger... click Control and the plus sign (or Command/plus on a Mac) it will zoom the screen closer. You can do that several times until it's comfy for you.

    Control (Command-Mac) minus sign will zoom out.

    The plus and minus signs have to be hit on the number pad.

    I hope this helps. I believe it works on most computers.

    If the print is bigger you don't have to lean in as much and can sit straight.

    Good luck!