Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013

happy  celebration day !!!
i can hear you now.... what celebration??? 
it is the  19th of the month--that's why.
what the ...???
when i  was  studying at the university of edinburgh...
 no ... that is a crock-- there was very little studying on my part....
but i did belong to the Phys Soc in the math dept.
the phys soc ( Physical Society) was a collection of extremely bright intellectuals- and i was - what amounts to --their American mascot.. 
one of the members.. Bill-- had a personal  crusade to fill out a petition  to send to the Queen to have the 19th of every month be a "national  celebration day" - it would tidy  up the calendar and get a lot of nonsensical details out of the way on the 19th of every  month.
at the phys soc meeting - under old business-- he would circulate this petition for signatures.--- the petition was about a 4" x 4" piece of cardboard.  because it had no lines- people just signed it any which way  - so eventually it became a 4 x 4 of just ink.
but it allowed everyone to get seated  for the presentation of the relics----- a copper hip bath full of misc hardware.
the lectures  were very scientifically accurate- but since i did not know what on earth they were talking about, it was just very relaxing 40 minutes.
i did understand the concept of ce;lebration day  and still think it is a very good one.
makes as much sense as what we now have --- all those...national hamburger flippers days.
so i will have to figure out how to celebrate something today.....there is always lunch at the cheesecake factory...
so we have  hey dawg with us for a week.  he is a somewhat  needy comical dane...
we had thought he could  manage the back dorm room with bailey and luna-- but that was not to his liking  so at midnight i got up and colleen2 ( overnight person) and i shifted him into th ehouse  where she had to old his paw for a long time til he setttled down.  puppies are not to his liking either.
a generic heads up--- heydawg  and bentley fence fight-- so probably should not mix them.
we have only muppies in the house... the chuppies ( 2 weeks older) are in kennel 10 which is explore's  indoor camera.. so we can keep our eye on them from here.
kenne;l 9 has tucker pants aka thumper2   who is another nutty adult dane-- a beautiful dog whi is good with the pups... apparently has trouble sleeping next to them when they are rough housing...  colleen 2 watched him  get down out of th ehigh bed and go out while the chuppies played loudly..
 going to try today to have a volunteer play with one group then the other in th eback room  while i fool with one pup - leash training -- in the house/office area.
today's volunteer  is  camera person  treeski  aka chip
  we need 9am volunteers to keep this going... we have a few...  if you can commit to a couple hours at 9am  please do... it would be easier for two people--
lulu is doing great...
and we had a pink report.
Hi Carlene,

I thought Pink was spectacular when I first received her (and she was) but after months and many miles together it's amazing how much better she and we are. It now feels seamless between us almost as if she is reading my thoughts. I don't think I've ever been closer to another living creature except for my husband in case he is reading this.
I also think I've become very knowledgeable about having a service dog in the hospital. We just had a very lengthy stay and Pink was welcomed and adored everywhere including ICU and the Recovery Room. The first face I saw waking up from surgery was a happy little Merle one. I really think her presence helped me get better medical care as doctors and nurses spent more time in my room sitting and playing with Pink.
Pictures to come!
today schedule??
i dunno

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