Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

progress is being made
the chuppies seem to be doing really well in the #10 kennel.. on the indoor camera 
we are slowly moving the muppies to the nutt house- not yet overnight... but soon..
i get out there early and start the wood fire in addition to th eelect heat-- and put them out  for a pee or two.. then they come back in for breakfast-- and out again/( no camera yet)
then the chuppies come up and land in the back room ( no cmaera there)  for training one at a time in th eoffice area camera onn...  then chuppies go back and muppies come in to the back room for  training in the office  "come "  and  "no" training
all this is to get ready for the nuppies  and the oopsies which will go in the tv room
  nuppies due 1/29 to 2/1ish
priscilla ( an RN who observes pretty weell....) thinks olive is pregnant.  that should be a colorful  litter. 
rumor has it that maddy will take perry home at night--- she is here every day-- and jamie will take willow overnight and  she works here 5 days a week  so she will be around also...
so camera people--- they will not disappear... all else being equal...  they will come and go  and lead a fairly normal dog's life---like walter....pants...,fido and a lot of others that come and go...
on the topic of farm management...and winter water hoses..
Water flows down hill---- there's  not a darn thing you can do about that. 
 when my kids were small- the winter rule was.. unhook th ehose- put the other end out the lower door and walk the full legnth putting th ehose over your head , and just leave it there.... and life was uncomplicated...  the hoses worked.
now... these "horse people"   have read somewhere--- or seen in movies--- how neat and tidy it looks to hang the hose in great loops on a wall after they have done the drain  part. all well and good.. except that tiny bit left after draining  will run down hill and form a very effective  1" plug of ice at the bottom of every loop.
having 7 pups in the kitchen is not much worse than 100 feet of stiff frozen hose. 
so far around the property i have located 3 messy loops of hose that is probably frozen and has not made it to the  kitchen to be thawed... and someone figured out a monster hose  about one and a half in diameter would solve it  -- so that is now frozen into loops- and we are back to the simple 6  'hose to fill the horse water dipping tankin the alleyway.. 
order of the day--- stop trying to improve a system that works...there are not that many horses-- dip and pour til spring.
that  also eliminates a very dangerous extenson cord  for the stock tank heater...
and while i am at horse people  2 more things.
i have one rope with a 3"ring spliced in one end.... it maes a halter and lead on most any animal horse or dog--- it is supposed to hang at the barn door wh when we have loose horses--- which we do regularly-- i hav the equipment  right there where i need it so i don't get trampled by those idiot horses.
secondly   there will be no pitchforks left in the alley
there is this gravity thing-- like water-- stuff falls down-- and yesterday a fork fell with tines pointed skyward= nearly got opal in the chest as she ran down the alley.    i don't care if you end up mucking stalls with a teaspoon... i will collect any pitchfork i find---  and currently they cost over $50 for the good ones.
don't you love it when i spend 10 minutes in the barn???/
Sunday stew- per usual--
i have a couple chores i need to get someone to do--  like..... say---" mum" in Britain  can you get your son in peabody  to come and shift a bed downstairs??  it will take more than  the usual few  plus megan to move that..
and i want to re hand that beautiful banner someone made-- it should go in the guest house.... 
we will now bring  the muppies back in-- and it will no longer be quiet here..


  1. Perhaps someone should do a daily walk around the property and inspect for safety issues. You do have a large quantity of dogs and it would break my heart if one was injured as a result of one's carelessness.

  2. There are 14 acres to walk around... I think making "voice of doom" noises at the stupid people being careless...might work as well as a daily walk through, although like you I too would suffer heartbreak and sadness at our lack of vigilance! Maybe they can set up more camera's to monitor "stupid zones"?