Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

and the winner is.......406... patty from portland oregon--
we managed to show it live on the explore camera by setting it up in th e orffice area of th e house ( warmer)  we almost did it in th e yard... but  the table just fit-- and the fire was cozy.
we showed the putting  on of the stickers ( numbers) and the entry of the  hens... who cooperated within 5 minutes..-- then the pealing off of the stickers... and the chickens went back to th e  hen house. it   really works very well...
lesson of the day---
noel's puppy poo is very loose  YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW THIS-  i did talk to goerge and he mad a very logical suggestion-- give them a tiny bit of the acidopalis ?  to get the gut going in the right direction..
we dont seem to be able to locate ours at the moment-- so i will get some on our daily vet trip... vanilla has a strange lump on her foot--  
 tomorrow we start 4 days of spay neuters.  and will need to set up an ICU here without upsetting noel..  lori?????
i read the directions on the  gopro  and some comment was made about "some older computers did not have a proper xxxx plug to keep batteries charged
it also does not read th e memory card--
my guess is my ancient but honorable computer..
it was $3500 dell  about 8 years ago..  course by now my cell phone does more.... and theresa's is a new laptop--- if i could just find the on button/.....
earlene was here yesterday and will be here overnight,.... much to chaos pleasure.  when earlene sits with noel and the nuppies  chaos stands at the door and "talks" with a collection of noises...  very interesting.
speaking of noises---  mary is coming up to the front door  and braying-- this is for a handful of carrots which is kept just inside the front  door.
an added attraction....
steph - washing machine steph ---said she would be here today.  she is a good tiny puppy sitter.
we need to make a distinction  between the capabilities of th e various puppy sitters.--
micromanaging puppies makes for a very ;lazy mom..   not micromanaging makes for a very messy bed.
so it is a balancing game
.and then there are sitters capable of delivery situations-- we need to line up those for the impending olicve arrival..that  would be earlene-- gwen--hilary--megan-- colleen 1- did i forget anyone??
bob will be here today-- there are a couple chores.....  we need fencing around the coal stove itn the deagle house and the wood/coal stove in the nutt house
 good indoor jobs'
jack started the dryer vent- has the pieces all lined up and will i finish it tomorrow morning... we will be cracking a bottlo of champainge over it !!
and then we can take down all the scaffolding in the arena which is dripping with laundry..carrying around frozen 6' spikes of  bedding looses it's charm.--- at least it is  clean.
we are desparate for that dryer..
i will get out of here somehow this morning---