Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

i have finally joined the elite group of those who have been locked in the nutt house.... and it took a while.
the string broke and lifting the latch was a major problem
i had 2 other alternatives    crawl out a doggie door-- or ..... i wear one of those 'i have fallen and i can't get up ' things.. 
i just thought "i am locked in the nutt house"  did not qualify as a 911 call-- since i was not where i could yell the problem
armed with a steak knife and a small hammer, i finally got the thing lifted..
i go out early every morning to start the wood stove-- it has not been bad in there   this  morning-- before the stove,   it was 57 degrees low by the muppies bed.. 
we have only 4 weeks before we start on the upswing for spring...
and we have only 10 days before olive's impending "confinement"
we certainly do have our hands full - -however........ the plan now is -- to move them along so they are ready for megan to school...
 we need to have them achieve boredom-- i have discussed this before---you can not teach them anything until they stop being fascinated with  the real world...
to this end, we need the volunteers who have been around for a while to take a pup-- with an old timer-- bailey,luna,tucker,fido  all the bored ones...  and just go sit  - starbucks... food courts... bookstore.. coffee shops..
and for those volunteers who have not been around for a while... there is also the aspect of put one in the car-- go somewhere and come back again.. any of you who have a service dog of ours.. gay and heydawg come to mind--when you and jerry are out "running errands"  pick up a pup-- hey dawg would be a good influence-- you don't even have to take them out of th e car..
patterning them to going somewhere and coming back is another concept they have to learn.
maria will be doing this on a 3 day stint as she comes and goes from marlboro
on mondays and thursdays.
 we started the name calling with 3 of us and the muppies...  3 cans 3 spoons  3 corners       of the room   we didn't do too badly.. maybe 3 dogs at a time would be better to start-- but they were getting it.    we went thru 6 cans of food---it works-- we did have to put electrical tape on the back of thier necks to tell them apart-- onyx was white and wendy was green... etc
my wonderful clock tells me it is Wednesday which will hopefully be lo (person  "lo")
yesterday's person was shelia-- that is "shelia"   of meat grinding fame-- except yesterday she was hung up on the fact that i need a bathtub-- so she took me to the bathtub store and had me try on some. 
 i will bet darn few of you have ever had the pleasure of trying on a bathtub.   well i now have- much to the amazement of  bailey and bentley who were concerned about me lying in the white thing/ i need a bathtub where i can lie flat without my knees poking up
like a 6'  tub

after much disagreement-- shelia finally  agreed i needed a 6' tub--and then she got off on depth-- which translated into just how thick was i???
gotta hand it to her... she is very thorough and does not quit.-
and the dryer works--  when it is done it seems to flash L R  -which we do not understand-- so she took the cd home with her  making the statement that "someone ought to read the directions"  
can you immagine??
ron spent th eday here and  fixed a bunch of things we did not know were broken..... and being my son in law-- he had the audacity to throw our many of my prized collections-- like halves of hinges...
as we change schedules around and try and fit them together..
 a lot (?everyone?) is panic'd---  several business people told me this would be true-- but i was not aware of the depth of concern- several people have totally come unglued.
we have a big challenge ahead to double the number of service dogs we can donate to people in 2014 -- got to remember that is our double would be 2 dogs a month-- 24 in 2014-- and we don't have that number of pups yet...
thus far in sdp's carreer we have met some terriffic goals-- this is just one more
and thanks to the camera people we have the food bill paid for --- so far.
will we ever be a smoothly running factory of perfect pups  ?? not likely...
but as long as we can put out dogs who will get people back on their feet smiling--
we have to try
.and we are getting enough cardboards to keep them tidy--  i think i have to get a bigger dumpster too....
now for truth in advertizing....  we have had one complaint about the puppy breath... one person called to complain that her vial of puppy breath was empty... there was no fluid in it..
i will  leave you with that one.


  1. Love your posts!!!! Your complainer must have thought she was getting puppy slobber! lol

  2. Every day I look forward to reading the Doggie Daily. You all are just amazing. So glad you could get out of the Nutt house:-) Thanks so much for all you share.